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Young Artist Is For The Culture

We sat down with the talented 15 year old Malachi Wright, who has taken Twitter by storm with his creative art that crosses a variety of pop culture! (Migos/Simpsons Crossover Pictured Above)

TCS: Where are you originally from ?

Malachi Wright : I am from Dixmoor, Illinois – A small town in the Chicago area.

TCS : Where do you find your inspiration to create your images? 
Malachi Wright : The images I curate come from different avenues of inspiration . Sometimes it is social media or trending topics. But majority of my inspiration comes from the people I surround myself with.
(Lil’ Kruger Vert)

TCS: What creative space do you develop your current art work in? 

MW: My home is my creative space for now. Even thought my inspiration comes from places outside of my home, this is where I do majority of my creating now .

(Everybody Hates The Boondocks)

TCS: How do you feel your  followers receive your art work?

MW: My followers gives positive on the work that I put out . I appreciate it and encourage feedback and ideas from my followers.

TCS: Describe what culture means to you?

MW: Its simple .  Its is the appreciation of who you came from.

(The Fresh Prince of Martin)

TCS: What are your upcoming goals for the rest of 2017 and going into 2018?
MW: My goals are to continue to expand my art business and definitely impact more people everywhere with my art.
(Rapper Ball Z)
TCS: If you could do a piece on any building, artist, life moment or monument in the world which one would it be?
MW: This is kinda tough to answer but I’ll probably say my siblings because they are some of biggest inspirations and supporters to me.

TCS: Where can our readers find you on social media to follow your work ?

MW: You can purchase my work on Shopify  and you can follow me on Twitter

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