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6 Quick Tips to a Fruitful Life

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Sometimes in order to gain happiness, you have to change-up some things you are doing in your life.  This is why we have New Years Resolutions and all that.  We all do it, we all say what we will change.  But the truth is, it is pretty hard to change habits.  They say it takes 25 days to start a habit.  But hey ,it is still motivation to do better, and at least we try. Change is needed, but sometimes with added stress and goals, we tend to model off societies views instead of living to our own standards.  Remember that mask (Masking The Truth) I was telling y’all about in my previous blog?  When you finally take that mask off, you need to make sure to leave it off.  Here is a quick list of things to focus on, in order to live a happy and fruitful life.

1.Letting go of the negatives, and embracing the positives.  Leave the things that weigh you down behind, even if its friends, old habits or anything with a dampening aura.  Keep people who motivate you in your corner and keep those who will allow you to grow while doing the same for them.  If certain crowds give you an uncomfortable vibe, stray away and be around the people that make you happy.

2. Saying Yes to myself more often.  You have to  learn how to treat yourself sometimes.  Self love is the best love!  Buy yourself a new outfit every now and then or take yourself to the movies.  Give yourself breaks after working hard or moments of tension.  treat yourself the way you want to be treated by others.


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