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Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?Communicating A Message Of Peace


“Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?” Those famous words uttered by Rodney King have reverberated down the years. It seems that now, we are in an age where it’s never been more important to get along with our fellow man, woman, or non-binary. But now it seems that the approach of solidarity and peace is edging further and further away. When we are looking to improve our lives, surely it has to start from a place of peace? Whether we are looking to strengthen bonds at home, or live a more fruitful life, getting along is easier said than done. But, what can we do to handle these differences, while still moving in the right direction?

Preach A Message Of Peace

Many of us feel that it’s the pastime of the hippie to pursue the message of love, but when you look at an ambassador of peace like Prem Rawat that a message of peace can be indelibly linked with something relating to the modern world. The fact of the matter is that we need to utilize the internet, and adopt a more business mindset to promoting peace, which is what he is doing. Because we see those preachers on the corner talking about the things that we have no time for, we tend to ignore them. So perhaps the message is more about doing it subtly through the medium of mass communication. So when we are preaching a message of peace, it’s a Trojan Horse approach.

Charity Begins At Home

If we want to help each other out, we’ve got to start at home. Part of it is to nurture these relationships with the people we love, but like any good politician, we should know the importance of our home turf. When you start to look around you and there are more people homeless on the streets than ever before, and you look at the damage of austerity, and the fact that people are more focused on themselves because it appears there is no other option, offering that olive branch where you are is the perfect opportunity to expand further outwards. It’s a very simple thing but charity does begin at home. Once you begin there, expand your reach outwards. If we all took the opportunity to look after our own patch in a moral sense, we would greatly minimize austerity if not get rid of it completely.

Are We Meant To Get Along?

When we look at the thousands and thousands of years of in-fighting, because of different messages, we can’t help but ask the question, are we meant to get along? But it seems that now in the age of a more divided society, the rise in austerity, and the fact that people are more inclined to look after their own than anything else, it seems that those people preaching a message of peace and understanding are viewed as pariahs. Whether you have a religion or not, you can’t help but look back on the ideals of those big figures that preach understanding, like Dr. King or Gandhi. While it’s not looking like we will get along anytime soon, hopefully with the right message, it’s more than just a work in progress.

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