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Environmental Trends That Are Helping To Save The Planet

We all know just how important it is to be environmentally friendly these days. Not only is it good in the short term, but it will help the planet to thrive for generations to come. We all know how we can play our little bit. But are you aware of some of the larger environmental trends that are having a big effect on the planet? Here are some of the current trends taking the environmental industry by storm and helping to save the planet.

Rise In Remote And Freelance Work


This point isn’t just referring to careers in the environmental industry; it covers all jobs in every type of industry and market. Over the past couple of years, more and more freelance and remote positions have become available for workers. This means that more and more people are now turning their back on the traditional nine to five way of working and are now working from home. This is great news for the environment as there are now a lot fewer commuters driving to and from work each day. It also means that companies now only have to rent smaller and more eco-friendly office space.


Consulting Companies Are Big Now
Are you worried that your company isn’t running as environmentally friendly as it could be? Do you want some guidance on how you can improve an already eco-friendly project? Well, there is one easy way you can do that. And that is by enlisting the help of on-site environmental consulting companies. They will send specialists to come and visit your company and assess how you can improve to make it more environmentally friendly.


Sustainable Supply Chains Are Important Now More Than Ever


Previously, a company had to just focus on its own operations to be listed as an environmentally friendly business. That meant that even if they were buying materials from a company that wasn’t eco-friendly, they could still call themselves green and environmentally friendly. However, that has now changed, and these days the trend is to look at a company’s supply chain to judge whether it is eco-friendly or not. This is causing more companies to change their suppliers as they try and ensure that their supply chain is as eco-friendly as possible. Not only does that mean looking for eco-friendly suppliers, but it also means trying to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. And the best way to do that is to buy from local companies.


Social Responsibilities Are Big News


As well as trying to become environmentally friendly, companies are now also looking at improving their social responsibilities. One way to do this is by supporting a charity or local children’s group or school. By being more socially responsibly, there is a greater chance that companies will become is causes aimed at helping the greater good. Combine all this good work with an eco-friendly policy, and you are pretty much as attractive as you can be to potential new clients and customers.


Good luck with your eco-friendly policies in 2017!

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