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Don’t Fear Change , Embrace It

Author : Alexandria Traylor ,

The Unknown Factor

The unknown factor is simply a state of being that can cause increased apprehension when specific details or factors are unknown. Many times when you sense something new is coming you shy away from it due to a preconceived negative connotation. What isn’t fully understood does not have to automatically be feared. The unknown doesn’t have to be considered a negative thing. Change is the door way to the unknown. When constant things become inconstant it can be challenging to muster up enough energy to willingly want to face and overcome it. The goal should shift in order to reprogram your mind to welcome the unknown as an opportunity for growth. Focus on change with an expectation of the new skills that you will inherit. There’s always a sense of hope in the unknown, no matter how faint it is. Once the change has occurred your current situation will improve. With a change in mindset, you can welcome a change in outcomes from facing what isn’t seen with optimism and excitement. We all, too often, allow our fears to outweigh real life potential that we are already more than prepared for.


The How Factor

Apart from not fully knowing what is on the other side of change, how the change will happen can also be a source of fear. Fortunately, how change occurs can pave the way for new innovations. When you sense change but don’t yet know how it will occur, it can force you to adjust your daily habits or routines. It can force you to level up in all aspects of life. New routines will undoubtedly create new results. If the result of the change was positive you can takes steps to ensure that the same outcome can be re-created over and over again. Beneficial change is the best way to create a new systems approach for upgrading your lifestyle and re-creating day to day processes. It is an opportunity to evaluate and eliminate what doesn’t currently work in your new lifestyle. How you respond to change says a lot about your character. Become a trail blazer and become one of the first people to adapt to change then actively tell others about what you have learned. In this way, change can help shape your character so that you will know how to respond the next time a change must be made.


The Why Factor

Why the change is happening is potentially the most important factor of change. In order to appropriately eliminate fear, focus on the benefits that will happen because of the change. Your why should be your motivator and drive you further towards the change. Most of the time, change occurs because you have outgrown your current situation. With this growth, you will be able to take on more responsibility and handle this new found authority appropriately. Nothing that has evolved to be great was ever stagnant, neither fortune 500 company nor your small business. In achieving new found prosperity, a change must first be the instigator for profound growth and new accomplishments. In order to stay relevant in your community, you must change as the trend changes. It is much better for you to adapt and evolve before the tide rather than with the tide.

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