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How You Can Drive Employee Motivation

Motivated employees are the secret to any business no matter who you are, but if you’re unfamiliar with motivation, finding the right balance can be a challenge. Do you Build, Build, Build, which could lead to complacency? Do you consider a Break, Break, Break approach? Or do you do a little of both? As all employees have different needs to drive, it can be challenging to get it right. However, it is not impossible, and here are some ways you can ensure employee motivation no matter who you are. 

Give Them Recognition

Recognition is a huge driver when it comes to motivation. People like to be acknowledged for accomplishments, so corporate awards, whether awarded monthly or yearly, will give everybody something to strive for. 

Such competition breeds the very best performance across the board, and you may find that the allure of company-wide appreciation is enough to give those employees previously didn’t care a kick in the right direction, which is beneficial for everyone involved. 

Room to Grow

Having the room to grow is another thing that will drive employees to give it their all. If they feel trapped in a single role, they are likely to stop caring, get complacent, and only give 50%, at the very best. 

However, by recognizing that there is an opportunity for them to take on greater responsibility, they will go above and beyond to show you and other senior members of staff that they deserve a promotion. They will give you their best work every time, which puts them in serious contention for something more significant. 

Being Honest

Everyone manager, founder, or CEO should be honest with their staff, and this honesty can range from sales reports to financial issues the company may be experiencing. While this may seem like sensitive information, keeping people uncertain and in the dark will not do any good for motivation. 

Even if things aren’t looking good, being transparent with what you need to do should push your employees to do everything they can to make the company, you, and themselves proud. It could be that such motivation is the driving force your business needs to turn its fortunes around. 

Be Flexible

If the current pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that working from home is not as impossible as many companies claim it to be. Flexible working hours and remote working opportunities can significantly increase motivation for your employees and staff, and it could even lead to a boost in productivity. 

Rather than stress about needing to go to the dentist, pick the kids up from school, and go grocery shopping all after work is finished, you can allow your staff to shift in and out of the office when they need it. As long as they respect such measures, you will find that they are more motivated to complete their tasks and projects. 

Motivation Station

Motivation is always a tricky beast to manage. Still, if you approach it correctly, you will find that your employees will work as hard as you need them to every single time, and this will only spell excellent things for your business and their satisfaction. 

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