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[Inspiration] Who Are You? You Can Be a Visionary or You Can Be Accepted …


[Dallas, TX – November 12th]

Who are you?

You can be a visionary or you can be accepted, but the likelihood of both is slim.

People fear the unknown and reject the unseen. Order is expected behavior, but revolution has never been a product of order.

So, what then? Well that depends on your motives. Do you want to gain your respect from being orderly, or do you want to earn your respect from being revolutionary. Choose wisely, but remember this, order and revolution can both bring change, the difference is the level of impact.

If you chose revolution, you must be ready for rejection, a lot of it. Sit in it, get used to it, then get up and keep going. Give up dreams of being given a title of a leader, those are reserved for the orderly. Instead, start leading a revolution worth following, you may never get a title, you may never be liked, but you will have brought something to the world that has never been seen before. And that my friends, will be worth every no that you receive.

Amber Branch

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