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Listen to God to find peace in this moment of change in 2020

By: A. D. Gilmore

We came into 2020 thinking about wealth and prosperity for the New Year. 

Everything was going good and we were having our fun going to movies, nice restaurants with good food or maybe you were gearing up for March madness or a good NBA game.  Just living life and enjoying one another.  Now the whole world has seemed to stop on a dime. 

Coronavirus!!  Now it’s, don’t go to work.  Don’t go to school.  Don’t go to the mall.  Don’t gather in groups.  Don’t go to church.  Don’t do this and don’t do that.  All of these Don’ts are good for the safety and health of everyone and we should obey all who are in authority (Romans 13:1-2). 

However it seems the Coronavirus has taken the wind out of our sails, but I say don’t worry because this too will pass.  A very wise lady (my mother ) gave me her opinion on this situation.  She said, “Child this Coronavirus is just God trying to get people to wake up and pay attention to Him.”  Then she said, ”  what’s so sad about all of this is that many people still won’t listen to God.”  All I could say was Amen. 

God speaks to his people through His Son, His word and through circumstances.  So while you’re isolated from your busy life pay attention because God has a message in these uncertain times.  Find a bible and look up John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10, Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23.  Maybe find a child of God and ask the question like the man asked in Acts 16:30-31 and then you can make a decision.  Hopefully you’ll hear God in these circumstances and decide to be free in Christ Jesus and you’ll stop worrying about this virus. God Bless    

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