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Random Thoughts From a Sinner with Gems From Above: The Power & The Reaping

This Power; it changes dynamics. It alters history. It euphorically hypnotizes while at the same time arousing envy. It influences the world.

This Power, is applied by The Chosen Few. This Power, is known as the Grace & Favor of God. We all have access to it, but very few of us operate within it in an advantageous way.
We’ve even been given commandments and instruction on how to garner and utilize this power. However, this power isn’t rooted in fear. Many prefer a power that intimidates rather than a power that accommodates. They become infatuated with the power to take away rather that the power to give. There is no grace in than power and it is fleeting. The only way to sustain power is to invest. Investing requires giving, whether it be in the form of time, energy and/or resources.

We can easily spot a difference in the individuals who properly walk in Grace & Favor. Most of these people have sowed seeds or others have sown them on their behalf. The reaping of the harvest is so evident that we must become attentive. This reaping takes place in the form of dreams manifesting into reality. We all have dreams. We all have a Vision. We all have distractions and doubts that cloud our vision. These are the weeds of our harvest. They must be plucked up and removed. The vision becomes clearer as we closer align ourselves with the Word and further ourselves from the weeds. Grace & Favor serves as binoculars for our vision. Having a clearer vision increases the faith.

The world encourages pragmatism and discourages optimism. Our souls cry as we water down our vision to meet the world’s expectations. We become so obsessed with promoting logic we neglect faith. However, logic and faith are often juxtapose to each other. We try to operate in both simultaneously, but the contrast begets confusion. To attain power we must break through the constraints of this world. Whenever we exercise faith we become stronger. We must use our prayers as push ups to become more empowered. Every time we endure through adversity a prosperous seed is planted. Every time we allow the adversity to defeat us, weeds sprout up. We must invest. We must grow the faith and keep our weeds cut. We must apply the Word and be advantageous of Grace & Favor. We must utilize our binoculars. We must follow the vision through, so that we may reap a prosperous harvest.

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