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[Inspiration] TGIM with Eric Thomas : HONOR THY CRAFT

What Up! What Up! What Up! It’s your not ET! It has been an incredible first quarter for my company. We have experienced phenomenal growth and it’s just the beginning. So much good has come our way and so many people ask me, “ET, why does it seem like so much good always comes your way?”, it’s simple, it’s because we have GIVEN so much, we have poured into so many people’s lives. I don’t wake up at 3am everyday and post on social media for the money, I don’t get paid for TGIM. I’ve been doing TGIM FREE for the past 7 years, WHY?, because I HONOR MY CRAFT. The work that I do is sacred. This isn’t about getting paid. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to speak life into thousands of individuals daily. That’s a huge responsibility–one I do not take lightly. I honor what I do!! So many of you will never make it to the next level, because you’re grinding for MONEY or CARS or HOUSES and those material items don’t go very far once things get rough. When life knocks you down, you must have a deeper, stronger reason to keep moving forward. 

So what does it mean to honor your craft? Are you waking up early? Are you studying the greats in your field? Are you working to master each level? Do you have a deeper reason for why you’re doing what you do, besides material gain? Is what you’re doing TRULY your craft? 

To truly be great in your area, you must HONOR your craft. You must commit yourself to the work. You must give of yourself and not be discouraged during trials. You’ve been blessed with your gift, so do not take it for granted. HONOR your gift, CHERISH it and share it with the world. It’s your boy ET! Make the rest of your life, the best of your life!! 


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