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Thoughts From a Sinner : Eye On the Stove

Contributor : Shawn P

The Eye On The Stove: Part One

As children, our elders warn us about “The Eye On The Stove” also known as burners. The luminous red light is infatuating to our eyes and tempts us to forsake the warnings.

For some the simple fact that we’re told not to touch it, invokes us to do so more.

If touched while heated, the eye’s can seriously burn – I personally learned the hard way  and I have a permanent scar on my hand as a result of the disobedience.
Recently I was watching Tyler Perry’s “Temptation.” Judith, (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), was married to Brice, her childhood sweetheart. However, she was infatuated by a young, wealthy entrepreneur by the name of Harley.

Although Judith initially tried to resist Harley’s seductive nature, she eventually succumbed to the temptation despite being warned by her mother.  In the process of her disobedience, Harley led her down a path of destruction which culminated with her contracting the HIV virus.
In this particular plot I believe Harley represented the eye on the stove. His luminous energy tempted Judith to have a touch, which inevitably left a permanent scar.

If we pay attention, we will notice that “The Eyes On The Stove,” are every where in the form of people and situations.

Since the beginning of time there has been temptation. Adam, who was the first of mankind to walk the earth, was warned by God not to eat fruit from tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Nonetheless, he was tempted by  his companion Eve to do so anyway. Eve had been tricked by a serpent to eat from the tree and she then convinced Adam to do the same. This angered God, which led him to curse the land and all of the future offspring that followed Adam & Eve. (representing “permanent scar”).

We must remain observant of “The Eyes on The Stove” so that we may not be burnt and/ or permanently scarred.



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