7 Fun Indoor Activities That Will Fight Off Winter Blues

As the holiday season rolls in, there is something magical about cozying up in your home surrounded by decorations as you sip warm cocoa by the fire. Unfortunately, the one downside to the winter is that we can’t enjoy the outdoors as much as we’d probably like to. At first, bunkering down at home seems relaxing and exciting, but after a while, cabin fever starts to hit, which is why we’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite activities to chase away the winter blues like diamond painting projects or DIY decorations. If you’re looking for ways to bring the family together, try some of these suggestions for a fun winter night.

  1. Host a Family Game Night

For us, there are few at-home activities that are as fun as a game night. Whether you decide to keep it in the family or invite your neighbors or nearby extended family over, game night is a great way to practice some healthy competition. If your family already has a game that they cherish, incorporate this into your game night. Or, branch out and try a new family game night idea like classic games of charades or more unusual options like Exploding Kittens. You can turn the night into a tournament with several different games being played to determine the overall champion of the night. The best part about game night? You can make this a weekly tradition in the winter to pass time and invite new players into your games.

  1. Work on Diamond Painting Kits

Crafting is a favorite pastime of many in the chilly winter months because there are so many different ways to craft and it’s the perfect activity to do inside. It’s not common for people to experience seasonal depression or anxiety, two mental health conditions that can actually improve through crafting. Diamond art kits in particular are the perfect craft to work on as a mental distraction and method of relaxation. Working on a diamond painting project is a fulfilling experience as you spend time each day completing the mosaic until you have a finished masterpiece that you can display in your home or give as a gift this holiday.

  1. Redecorate the House

Being stuck inside for months at a time can make us look at our environment in a new light. This year, if you’re bored inside during the coldest months of the year, why not take some inspiration from the many organization shows gaining popularity like Get Organized or Tidying Up With Marie Kondo and revamp your space. Taking on a redecorating and organizing project may sound overwhelming, but luckily, you can spread this out over a few months. Start by identifying areas of the house that desperately need attention—maybe a closet piled high with art supplies that you like to pretend doesn’t exist or kitchen cabinets overflowing with unorganized Tupperware containers. Once you’ve highlighted areas to rearrange, come up with a plan and start revitalizing your space.

  1. Start a Book Club

A book club is the perfect way to get your family engaged or keep in touch with friends or other family members who don’t live in your household. If you have children who are old enough to read on their own, you can start a little at-home book club. Determine how much each person needs to read at a time and then host a family meeting with snacks and drinks like apple cider to discuss.

Sometimes in the winter months, it’s more difficult to find time to spend with friends or long-distance family members, which is why a book club can be a great way to stay in touch. Virtual book clubs are an easy way to socialize with others and discuss the latest chapters in your chosen book without having to worry about traveling to meet or interrupting other holiday season plans. Find a group that is interested, select a book and decide how often you want to meet to get started.

  1. Get Creative with Fort Building

Even as adults, we can all admit that there is something magical about building an indoor fort. When the winter blues start to get you down, recruit the kids to get creative and build a unique fort inside your home where you can enjoy snacking on cookies, watching a holiday movie or just hanging out.

  1. Work on DIY Projects

The internet is filled with interesting new DIY projects that can keep you entertained all winter long. As the holiday season approaches, look for DIY decoration ideas so you can make your holiday decor totally unique to you. If you’re planning to take on the task of revamping the house, you can also get some great DIY ideas on storage, painting and other types of decorations. Make a list of projects that you’re interested in and start checking them off your list as you work your way through new DIY projects.

  1. Cook a Meal as a Family

Even if you’re cooped up in the house with your family all winter long, it’s important to find meaningful ways to spend time together. Preparing dinner as a family is an excellent way to teach your children about household responsibilities, like cooking and cleaning, as well as the importance of nutritional eating all while having fun cooking the meal together. Cooking is actually a great educational tool for your children as well because it can help teach some basic math concepts, improve reading (from reading recipes) and build self-confidence.

Make the Most of the Winter Months

While you may find yourself daydreaming of days spent lounging on the beach, the winter months are full of cheer and time spent with loved ones. We all know what it’s like to get bored after being trapped in the house for months at a time, so we compiled a list of fun suggestions to keep you and your family entertained all month long. Try cooking together or spend quality time together by planning weekly game nights or movie sessions together. Make it a point to try something new this winter and keep your mind and body engaged even during the winter blues.

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