Steps to Become a Professional Kickboxer

Written by: Tommy 

Kickboxing is a modified form of Muay Thai, a martial art technique that was used to protect noble people back in the day. It became a competitive sport in the 1970s because, before that, full-contact sports were banned. 

Professional kickboxing includes the skills of Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, grappling, Tae Kwon Do, boxing, and American kickboxing. It takes a great deal of practice and effort to become a kickboxing expert. For your convenience, we are breaking down a few steps to become a professional kickboxer.

Create a Plan

If you are seriously considering becoming a professional kickboxer, you need to make an elaborate plan. You need to set your goals. You need to get fit, and you need to figure out which competition you want to be a part of. 

If you are physically capable of handling such intense workouts, well, and good for you. If you can’t, then pursuing another passion won’t be a bad thing at all.

Get Fit

A path to becoming a professional kickboxer is only going to happen if you start by getting fit. It is a highly competitive sport so one needs to be in shape for that. 

Kickboxing is kind of aerobic, it involves endurance and strength training. Your whole body is going to be working and there will be no days off. To get in shape try doing pushups, jumping jacks, knee strikes, kick blocks, punches, wood breaking, and even sparring.  

It would be easier for someone who has already been active in the gym than someone who just made up their mind. Also, it is very important to stretch properly before you do high-intensity exercises. And one thing more you shouldn’t forget is staying hydrated during the training.

Join Kickboxing Classes

Once you are fit enough, it is time to join kickboxing classes or a studio where they teach martial arts.  Different instructors prefer different techniques but no matter how good you are on your own, you always need a teacher to master kickboxing. 

According to one of the coaches working in kickboxing classes Dallas, “make sure you join a type of class or gym where they participate in kickboxing competitions. There are other studios as well where they teach less intensive martial arts that are enough to make you lose weight during a fun workout session.” There is going to be a varied fee for a different type of kickboxing studio.

Familiarize with Core Moves

If you are a beginner, you should focus on the core moves of kickboxing. Ask your instructor to teach the core moves. If you learn them well, the rest will easily come to you.

Focus on the Rules

One of the important things is to focus on the rules. If you want to be a great kickboxer, you need to learn the rules and implement them. 

The game you choose to play is going to be a part of you so if you are not learning the rules properly you might end up knocked out in the ring. You need to be able to defend yourself but also you should know the limitations of the game too. Kickboxers who don’t follow rules get fined at big tournaments.

Eat Healthy Food

Although there is an ongoing trend of drink protein shakes, you should stick to a healthy diet plan. Don’t take supplements or steroids.

Make a Name for Yourself

Professional boxers are not just some players, but they get to earn their name by fighting in different tournaments. If they fight better, they will get a chance to fight more people and that’s how they will be getting famous. They also get to make a lot of money from these fight matches.


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