Get Out of the Gym and Workout on the Terrain

Yes, as summer approaches, there will be many guides making the rounds on how to get yourself ripped so you can really show off that torso! And that means we’re all hitting the gym, and getting fit is just a fortunate side effect of working day and night to get those abs chiseled, but as the summer sun is rearing its head properly, and the nights are getting longer, it’s time to start working out outside. There are numerous benefits to working outdoors. Here is a couple.

The Air Quality…

You don’t notice the dank, musty smell of the gym until someone else points out that you stink! Why don’t you get outdoors and smell less, but also get some good quality air? In fact, 20 minutes of working out in the open will give you the same energy boost as a cup of coffee, but without the jitters! That doesn’t mean you should make the most of the outdoors in the summer months; when it gets cold, you can feel the burn a bit more too.

The Unpredictable Terrain…

Did you see Rocky IV, the one where Stallone goes to Russia to fight Dolph Lundgren on Christmas Day (like you do)? Lundgren’s character had state of the art equipment and weights while Sly had a log cabin and chopped trees and ran up mountains, and guess who won? The unpredictability of outdoor exercising makes your body have to constantly adapt to changes, which is the main thing that will build muscle. Get riding on your bike and reap the benefits. And for the tech-savvy, there are e-bikes like bulls bikes that add a trendy element to your ride. Not only does riding in rough terrain help you to build muscle, but it will also help you to keep your wits about you too!

It’s Much More Enjoyable…

The problem with a gym is that as soon as you hit that treadmill, you’ll be staring at the same fixed point on the wall to help you focus. And once you’ve seen that 133 times in the space of a year, you’ll lose focus, get bored, and your workout will suffer. Getting outdoors gives you the benefits of different scenery, more positive distractions, which means you’ll workout for longer, resulting in more calories lost. It’s win-win.

It’s Much Less Intimidating…

For newcomers to a gym environment, there’s nothing worse than wanting to get under the barbells while the equivalent of Terry Crews is in front of you! If you get outdoors, there are plenty of ways to workout properly, apart from running everywhere. Get a pullup bar or a home gym and start doing circuits in your garden, or make the most of the outdoor gyms that are popping up everywhere. It’s easy to lose heart in the gym when everyone is bigger, better, and fitter than you. So getting outdoors is a great way to build up your confidence. The great outdoors is underestimated in the gym business, so go on! Get out!

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