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Kyrie Irving’s first signature shoe with Nike, the Nike Kyrie 1, was launched in December 2014. Since then he has been a hot commodity on and off the court, with every sneaker release selling by popular demand especially from true ball players. A year later in December 2015, Nike and Kyrie launched his second signature shoe, the Nike Kyrie 2. Kyrie’s second signature shoe has released a multitude of different themes and color schemes about twice a month since its launch, giving fans more than enough options to stylishly choose from.

This past weekend Nike released a new limited edition Nike Kyrie 2 that was the result of a collaboration with the donut shop Krispy Kreme. The new sneaker displays a white, green, and red colorway just like the signature colors that represent Krispy Kreme. Nike was not only creative in their collaboration campaign but went as far as naming the new sneaker Kyrie 2 “Ky-rispy Kreme’s.”

A lot different from the normal distribution of Kyrie Irving’s sneakers, these will not be sold in stores. Ky-rispy Kreme’s will be sold out of a Ky-rispy Kreme truck that will be traveling to Harlem, Brooklyn, Baltimore and Cleveland. To add more glaze to all of this sweetness, the Ky-rispy Kreme’s will be served in a newly designed Krispy Kreme doughnut box that displays the Krispy Kreme and Nike logo coexisting together.

More specifically, Nike claims the truck will leave the Nike Headquarters in Oregon to be at Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Final match-up—if in fact the series goes that far. Assuming Cleveland makes it to the finals, the truck will also be at Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, which is also the date for the Cleveland Cavaliers Fanfest.

After making deliveries in Cleveland the Ky-rispy Kreme truck will make stops in Baltimore at the House of Hoops in Mondawin Mall, the House of Hoops in Harlem and the Nike Community Store in Brooklyn. For all of the sneaker lovers who cannot make any of those stops, consider the “Hot & Ready” sign still on. Nike has given buyers the option to get yours directly from NIKEiD.

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