Take The Risk Out Of Your New Dirt Biking Venture

While we (rightly) hear a lot about the health benefits of sports in general, it would be naive to assume that no high-adrenaline activity is without its risks. After all, even golfers face hazards on the course, and those risks only crank up a gear when you take on extreme sports like dirt biking.

This isn’t to say, of course, that dirt biking is something you should avoid if it interests you, with even a few sessions potentially helping to build core muscles, perfect bodily balance, improve heart health, and all the rest of it. But, to make sure that you enjoy those benefits without any detriment, it is first worth reducing risk where you can. We’ve got a few tips to help you do precisely that.

Stock up on the right safety gear

Dirt biking and its risks mean that no one should attempt to embark on this sporting venture without first stocking up on some pretty extensive dirt bike gear. As well as basics like a decent helmet, you especially want to invest in high-quality gloves, proper dirt biking boots, pants complete with padding in the right places, and so on. That way, even if the worst did happen (because the chances of you falling off to start with are admittedly high), you’d be padded enough to protect yourself from the blow. And, that could prove to be the difference between life, and a long-term period of recovery. 

Know what you’re capable of

As is often the case in the sporting world, accidents here often happen less as a result of the nature of dirt biking itself, and more because people stretch themselves before they’re ready. Certainly, investing in a high-power bike straight away, or even attempting to head out with people who have been dirt biking for a lot longer than you, significantly increases your chances of an accident. Instead, remember the importance of taking things slowly here by always making sure to cater to your capabilities, both by choosing the right bike with the help of a professional and by making sure to head out with people who are at roughly the same stage in their journeys as you are.

Always choose the right routes

Dirt biking routes also have a significant impact on safety, with rough and ready tracks almost always resulting in more injuries than those attached to training centers, etc. Recommendations specifically state that dirt bikers should always avoid riding on paved roads, while it’s also important to remember that you don’t want to go too far off the beaten track to begin with. Instead, stick to popular dirt biking locations with routes that are well-tried and loved, and where you know there will be plenty of people around to either help out or step in should anything go wrong while you’re riding.

Dirt biking can provide an adrenaline fix like few other sports, but it also brings higher risks as a result of that. Make sure you can enjoy the experience regardless by removing risks where possible using these pointers. 

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