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Behind the Turntables with Louisiana’s Own DJ Deaf

There are so many stories to tell about the people in the culture following their passion to give to the world. We had the opportunity to speak with DJ Deaf about his journey in the industry and his impact #BehindtheTurntables . Check out the conversation with TCS x DJ Deaf:

TCS : We saw you were from the west coast, where are you from exactly ?  
DJ Deaf : I was born in Los Angeles, CA. When my parents retired, we moved to Dry Prong, LA (Only Parish in Louisiana with NO RED LIGHT). I’m just a Grant Parish country kid with a bit of Cali dapper. Lethal combo.

TCS: When you are behind the turntables what mindset are you in?
DJ Deaf : Honestly its a peaceful one.  “Give the people what they want ” is something I was told by a good friend of mine. And I hated when he said that.  But now I have flashbacks  when I get in the DJ booth of him saying that because he’s right!When it comes to the mindset of Deaf, it’s making sure that night is memorable for the guest. If I mess up, who cares. I’m human. I’ll never be afraid to step outside the box and try something new or on the spot. That moment just might make someone’s night. There’s no better feeling than someone hitting you up saying “thank you for playing that song” or “I got lucky because of you”. I may be the one performing, but my mindset is on  the people. It doesn’t .  

TCS:  Who has impacted you in the industry?
DJ Deaf : There’s so many brilliant minds in the industry that have made an impact on my career and life. People such as :Kevin Liles, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Diddy, Jeezy, Quincy Jones etc. Then there’s the innovative minds
that we may not hear about all the time but are well respected in the industry such as **Randy Reyes, Sonny D, Sean Rock, G.O., John Rossi, Jeylina Burgos, Jay Andino and my guy Renee. Let’s not forget about my
radio family! Cumulus Media Max 94.1! J. Michael, Kool DJ SupaMike, DJ Bootsie, AJ Boogie, Latangela, Boo Milton, DJ Incredible, DJ Marquis, Portia G! Every single one of these individuals have played a role in my life. 

TCS: Do you remember your first gig?
DJ Deaf : Hahaha, Fox & Hound on College Dr in Baton Rouge! It was my first paid gig which ended up being a disaster. But thank God I had someone with me. I grabbed the mic, couldn’t even get an entire word out! Choked big time! My boy that was with me, came in incognito, took the mic out of my hand, and started running the show while I just played music. I told myself never again will I let this happen. 

TCS : How will you continue to elevate as a DJ?
DJ Deaf : *I never want to become content with what I’m doing. I believe we as individuals should live an intentional, significant life with a sense of anticipation.  I choose to surround myself around like minded people that want better for themselves and others. Everyone has their own way of growth, but being #BehindTheTurntables , this is how I elevate.

TCS:  In what other ways are you impacting the world?
DJ Deaf : When I’m not in the office I do motivational speaking, work with Alzheimers Association, Big Buddy program, Real Men Read, St. Jude, and a number of other organizations that bring awareness to important
matters in today’s society. I’m grateful to have a platform that I can use to share my story, beliefs, and positive vibes across the world. My purpose is to help others, whether that’s through music or something else. I’m obligated to make change in someone else’s life and this world. 

TCS:  Do you have any other career paths that you do outside of being a DJ?
DJ Deaf : Absolutely.  I’m an On-Air Personality/Mixshow DJ for the #1 Radio Station in Baton Rouge,
LA called Max 94.1, Owner of DJ Deaf Clothing in collaboration with Jeanisis Lifestyle Clothing, creator of a game called “DJ Deaf’s Blitz Blingo”, and a licensed Realtor® in Louisiana & Texas, 

TCS:  How do you balance both?
DJ Deaf : Balance is paramount and a key component if you want to perform at a high-level! At first, I thought it was go, go, go. Because I was so hungry to succeed,  nothing else really mattered. It wasn’t until I started having minor health issues that it was needed. Nowadays, I make it a priority to set time aside for myself everyday. Especially in the mornings. No phone, social media, or other distractions.

TCS:  Who inspires you today?
DJ Deaf : GOD! I AM NOTHING without God. Whatever I accomplish, it goes to Him and I move on. Followed after that are my parents & family. Lord knows I put them through it when I was a kid but they were always there! No matter what it was, they always took care of me and i’m grateful for that. Then there’s my big brother Raymond Griffin. You are what you hang around and being around him always pushes me to do better. If it wasn’t for him telling me to move to Baton Rouge and his trip to Europe, I wouldn’t be talking to you today. He could be the next
President. So many others come to mind that inspire me such as Justin Zeno, Bryant Dixon, Brittani Anderson, Ari Landry. Each one of these minds deserve to be recognized because it’s the people you surround yourself with
that really inspire and uplift you to continue doing what you love. And every single one of them know i’m grateful to have them in my life. 

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