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What Makes You Superior Launch NYU Valedictorian Whitley Green

This month we help launch the “What Makes You Superior Campaign ” presented by the  Superior Forever Royal brand . The campaign launched with a behind the scenes interview with Whitley Green, NYU 2018 Valedictorian and I. Recently, Janet Jackson announced she was looking for new dancers and what better to help launch the What Makes You Superior  campaign but with  Whitley’s official submission video to be a dancer for Janet Jackson.

More about the campaign : 

“What Makes You SUPERIOR?” is a movement that calls forth the Kings & Queens that live inside of each of us. It encourages us to own and appreciate the unique expression of who we are.

SUPERIOR represents those of us that believe excuses are a liability to our dreams and that character is the currency to the next level. These are the people that make a daily decision to take control of their lives and are committed to executing all facets of life with excellence.

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