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Appy Days: The Coolest Ways You Can Tap Into Digital Media

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Thanks to advances in mobile technology and App development an entire world of entertainment can be reached on any device and accessed anywhere at the touch of your fingertips. Looking for the latest, and greatest series? Between them these media streaming platforms have made some of the highest grossing shows ever!


What many people don’t know is that Netflix started life as a mail order DVD service back in 1997. Since then, the company has become a global juggernaut, coined the phrase ‘Netflix And Chill’ which is code for getting cozy with someone and even produces original TV shows. Award-winning series such as Orange Is The New Black, House Of Cards and the creepy, yet amazing Stranger Things are some of its best known homegrown productions. Netflix not only offers customers on, and offline streaming, access to current shows and those that are no longer airing on channels but the App also gives subscribers the freedom to watch Netflix anywhere.


Amazon Fire TV Stick

One of the most user friendly and affordable paid for media streamers the fire stick gives you a range of plug and play platforms, slots into any USB port and comes with a voice activated remote and the ability to use Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. It may not strictly be an ‘App’, the stick only gives you access to Amazon’s App Store rather than Google Play. Still, the Fire Stick does have Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO and Now on it although it’s missing Crunchyroll, Vudu and, probably the biggest loss of all, doesn’t let you play your music via Spotify. The stick also includes a Amazon prime membership so users can order products without having to wait forever for delivery. Currently, one of Amazon’s biggest programmes is The Grand Tour, starring none other than ex-Top Gear petrol head presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.



Showbox, an Android-only App, allows users to watch films and shows without paying any fees. The app is quick to load, although updates are frequent, and there are a wide range of movies and TV shows to choose from. Currently, Showbox is only available for Android users and there are no plans to release the app onto Apple products. Showbox users have positively reviewed the app, saying Check it out now. I’m sure you will fall in love with it. However Showbox’s selective system requirements may, in part, be due to restrictive copyright laws, as links often come from other countries that are able to circumvent local licensing and broadcasting rules.


Sadly this video on demand service is currently only available in America. However, the paid for App service offers users exclusive content, access to their favourite TV shows and shares present, and past series from its partner networks including Time Warner, Disney and 21st Century Fox. Hulu is also divided into advertising and add free tiers, so subscribers can watch programmes without having to skip, fast forward, or mute adverts something which other media streamers ,despite customer complaints, still continue to play. Hulu also recently announced that in 2017 they plan on making the move towards streaming live TV.

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