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Investing in the Must Have Products Of the Future

History is filled with people who inadvertently rejected the opportunity to make themselves supremely rich. One only has to think of Dick Rowe, the man who, when offered the chance to sign The Beatles, told manager Brian Epstein that “guitar groups are on their way out”. To be fair to Mr Rowe, virtually nobody thought the Fab Four would become the runaway success that they went on to become. And the same applies to most of the essential products we all use today. It’s nice to imagine: if only you could have seen the potential in smartphones 15 years ago. If you had been in trenches and selling the products from the beginning, you would have probably have made yourself a fortune. And that can be our inspiration to look forward and remind ourselves that some products will pay off. Now how about these?

Virtual Reality


Virtual reality headsets and technology is kind of already here, but it isn’t really, because the technology hasn’t really been ironed just yet. In any case, we’re nowhere near the stage where virtual reality headsets are as indispensable as smartphones. But don’t dismiss them out of hand, because that day is surely on its way. While at the moment they’re simply too expensive and limited to be widespread, there will be a time when they’re as affordable as the latest iPhone and everyone is clamouring to get one. Smart people beware: this might be the time to secure vendor financing and stock up on the latest models.




You can doubt many things on the earth, but one thing that is beyond debate is mankind’s willingness to follow any trend that results in their having to exert less energy. Enter the WalkCar, a ‘mini segway’ that is small enough to fit in your backpack and which enables you to, well, not walk anywhere anymore. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing is immaterial: it will happen because that is the type of convenient future we’re all striving for. It’s not on the market yet, and whether this particular model takes off remains to be seen, but if it’s the WalkCar then it’ll be something similar.


Huel and Soylent 2.0

Food? Who needs food? We have busy lives to lead! We’re unlikely to become so advanced that we no longer need sustenance, but there are a couple of companies out there who are making it easier than ever to get the nutrition we need. You might have heard of Huel or Soylent 2.0, two products that sound like they belong in a car engine rather than our stomachs, but they might just be the future of meals. The complex powders are mixed with water and deliver everything you need to have a nutritious meal – they’re actually better for you than most meals you’d usually have. Whether they become our single option or they’re just a quick and easy alternative to a sit down lunch remains to be seen, but expect to see more products like these in the future!

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