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Your Startup’s Best Bet For Some Great Branding Photography

To a startup, nailing the image of your business as soon as possible is vital. The visual aspect of the brand is the one that your audience will find it the easiest to identify. But it can be one of the hardest to achieve, technically. However, nowadays, a few techniques and tools are making it easier for even the smallest of businesses to achieve a warm, inspiring image.

Take a new angle on your business

So, you may not be a professional photographer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get professional looking photography. One of the aspects you should consider is taking photos of the business from a whole new angle. If you have a premises in a great location or your business is in travel or tourism, then focus on the landscape. Look at easily available tech like DJI drones for sale. With a bit of training and a gyroscopic camera, it’s much easier to get shots that look downright impressive.

Get improvisational with it

Nowadays, the best marketing is social. It’s marketing that invites a bit of genuine connection and isn’t afraid to use personalities that are really in the business. In the startup, this can be a strength. Smaller businesses benefit from the assumption that they’re not run by corporate drones. So be open to using your camera phone and taking live shots of work and developments for social media. Celebrate your successes, express your excitement at events and even celebrate holidays in these photos. It shows a business of real human beings, which is a valuable marketing tool.

Avoid the staged photo

The complete opposite of that is the way-too-staged photo. Just look at a few examples of some of the worst stock photos on the market. There are cheesy poses. There are impossible situations (who laughs while using their work computer?). There’s cringe all over the place. You risk the same if you put your employees in staged poses. Headshots are important for introducing the team, but no-one needs to see them all standing in business power poses. That is the exact opposite of looking like a business of real human being. That just makes them look robotic and awkward.

Don’t be afraid of stock photos

While we’ve mentioned examples of bad stock photos, that doesn’t mean they’re all bad. In fact, there are some truly great sites for quality stock pictures out of there. Sites like Istockphoto and Pexels focus on providing quality as opposed to quantity. There are others that provide stock photos at a price worth considering, too. In using stock photos, it’s a better idea to try find ones that aren’t too prevalent on the web and those that focus more on objects as opposed to people. Keep it simple so that it more strongly conveys what your business is all about.

Using photography is the quickest way to establish a proper visual identity for your business. But if you do it poorly, your business can look amateur, ingenuine and downright cringe-worthy. Keep the tips above in mind to create an image that you have real passion for.

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