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This is How Technology is Making Your Watch Better

Written by: Tiffany Harper

Technology has advanced tremendously over the last few years. These huge advancements have been fueled by the ingenuity and creativity of software developers, but also by major inventions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and many more. The thing is, if you take a look at the first mobile phones that were invented and the ones present nowadays, the evolution is obvious. Now we have all kinds of devices that keep us connected to the online world. At the same time, they help us communicate and see each other even though we are living on different continents. But the evolution of technology is obvious when you take a look at watches too. Of course, in this case, technology made its way into this domain in a different way.

While the first mobile phones are not used anymore by anyone, watches have a different value. Some people still love traditional watches, which have now evolved to have minimalistic and impressive designs. But a lot of people love smartwatches, their features, and their functionalities. Compared with a traditional one, smartwatches come with so many features that can help you measure your heart rate, stress level, pulse, and get notifications and even calls. As technology experts from college reviews highlight that the technology is simply making your watch better. Let’s see how.


Less Wear and Tear

Watches are impressive accessories worn both by men and women. People who wear watches use them daily, and this is increasing their wear and tear. Watches, even though they seem resistant, can indeed break down if they are exposed to shocks. You can scratch them and the strap can break. But nowadays, with the latest advancements of technology, the possibility of tearing your watch has decreased. This is because watch manufacturers invest a lot of money and human resources into researching and developing new protection models or materials for watches.

The straps are now more resistant. If for the traditional watch you would have a leather strap, now there are many other materials used to replace the leather and, why not, look like it. Among these are metal, nylon, and rubber. These add more resistance to the watch, increasing its lifespan. On top of this, if you have a smartwatch or a luxury one, you will notice that you can change the strap by yourself. You do not need to get the help of a watchmaker to change it.

Moreover, they use scratch-resistant sapphire crystals that protect your watch from unintentional scratches. You use your hands for everything and your watch is constantly exposed to shocks and without even noticing, you can scratch it. Well, nowadays this is hardly happening because of the advancements of technology, says Mark, writer, and contributor at the best essay writing service on technology topics.


Water and Dust Resistant

Even though it seems a matter of the past, this is still very present. Not only watches, but all gadgets are sensitive to dust deposits and water contacts. Their mechanism cannot function properly if there is water or dust infiltration. But as technology becomes wildly available, more and more people start working in this domain. Many of them are working in the watch manufacturer industry, which now has improved their mechanism considerably.

Now you can find on the market watches that are dust and water-resistant. You can swim with your watch and it will function properly while measuring the distance you swam and the calories you burnt. Watch manufacturers are adding more to the watch than a simple protection mechanism. With the help of technology, they are adding more value.

The fact that your watch is more and more resistant not only to scratches and shocks but also to water and dust is considerably increasing its lifespan. And they become indispensable gadgets everyone wants to have. This is valid not only for smartwatches but for traditional or hybrid ones too.

And watch manufacturers are constantly pushing their limits. The technology of making your watch water and dust resistant is not new to the market; it exists for quite a few years now, so this might not be impressive. But nowadays, there are watches developed to resist drowning at thousands of meters depth while still working. So, even though it may seem that not much progress has been made in this area, limits are constantly pushed and technology is helping watchmakers make more resistant watches.


Beating Magnetism

Watches have very sensitive mechanisms that can lose their accuracy if they have contact with other magnets. This has been one of the major problems and issues since the invention of watches. This is because the watch mechanism is magnetic and, in contact with other magnets, it can make it not function properly. It is one of the enemies of watch manufacturers who have tried along the centuries to find effective and protective materials for the watch mechanism.

If in the beginning, there was an iron cage for the watch mechanism, now technology has made possible the use of other materials. This is essential in an era where all our devices have magnets and magnetism can easily happen. Among the devices everyone has and that could make your watch lose its accuracy are phone cases and speakers.

Magnetism can happen also when you travel by plane and you need to go through airport security. The fragile balance of watches needs to be protected, so nowadays technology has made the protection of watches more facile. And this without making them lose their design functionalities.



According to the essay service reviews of the experts, smartwatches are gaining more momentum. Even though they exist on the market for quite a few years, watch manufacturers are creating and launching new models every year. They have many added features and functionalities that make them more valuable. Besides smartwatches, fitness trackers are also on the rise. But all smartwatches have a fitness tracker integrated, so they are usually the first choice of many people. You can connect the watch to your smartphone and get notifications and calls on your smartwatch. You can measure your physical activities, pulse, stress level, and many more. And all these thanks to technology.


Ending Note

Technology is in a continuous process of improvement. While already existing functionalities have been improved over the years, others get developed nowadays. And added to watches, they simply transform them and make them better. Smartwatches might be the greatest invention of this domain, with new models developed and launched every year.

They have a lot of functionalities and features that convince many users to buy them. Technology is making your watch better because it comes with new protection materials and mechanisms too. Your watch is now water and dust-resistant.

Moreover, magnetism is rarely happening because of the new cases watch mechanisms have. At the same time, there is less wear and tear, so the lifespan of your watch is considerably improved. The straps are more resistant and you can now change them by yourself.

Technology has developed tremendously over the last couple of years and this trend will likely continue. Which will only make watches better. What will the next advancements come with? We still do not know, but you should expect that watches will become even better and with more helpful and useful features you cannot live without. Smart design is already a trend that is developing and watch manufacturers are investing in the research and development of new designs, protective mechanisms and shields, and features.


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