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5 Fascinating Destinations in the Caribbean You Should Visit

By: Ivan Palen

If you want to experience paradise, then you need to visit the Caribbean. With its crystal-clear sea water, white sand beaches, first-rate resorts, and waterfront restaurants, it’s no wonder why many visitors flock to this fascinating place. Aside from the natural wonders, Caribbean also boasts about its vibrant culture and beautiful people.


Although you can include almost all the travel destinations in the Caribbean among the best, some places really stand out. Thus, if you want to satisfy your wanderlust, you should look out for these places. Here’s a list of fascinating Caribbean tourist attractions that you should visit.


There’s always this spark that draws people into Guadeloupe. If you experience its sparkling white sand beaches and azure waters, you will surely know in an instant why. But aside from the beaches, there are other, no less beautiful attractions in Guadeloupe such as its age-old distilleries, quaint villages, and verdant forests.

Guadeloupe is a place that has so much to offer to make your travel getaway one of a kind. There will also be no problem when you’re looking for your lodging accommodation because there are a lot of top-notch hotels in the place. As for the food, you can indulge yourself to toothsome Caribbean delicacies in Guadeloupe’s fancy restaurants.

Cayman Islands

Cayman islands is another Carribean destination that will let you have a taste of paradise. It boasts about its wonderful array of white sand beaches and scuba diving hubs such as the Stingray City, Bloody Bay Marine Park, and Keith Tibbetts shipwreck. You can also visit protected marine biological areas that allow you to see the place’s vibrant aquatic species.


Curacao is the “C” in the Caribbean ABC that you can find in the Lesser Antilles.  When you happened to go on a Caribbean cruise, you’ll surely make a stop to this beautiful island. Like the other travel destinations in the Caribbean, Curacao has its great share of wonderful beaches and cerulean sea waters that any sunkissed beach-lover would love.

The place is a home to rich marine animals that you can meet up-close-and-personal through snorkeling and scuba diving. Aside from the beaches and seawater, Curacao is also known for its historical sites and hiking-appropriate landscape. You can find old Dutch settlements, colonial architecture, and museums on the island.


Also known as the Spice Island, Grenada is a tourist attraction in the Caribbean where you won’t run out of leisure activities to do. The time your feet land in this wonderful place, you’ll immediately breathe in the air the aromatic smell of spices that will surely make you crave for Grenadian cuisine.

You can then go on and savor a one-of-a-kind experience of the local culture, arts, and colonial history. Plus, you can take a stroll around its capital city, St. George, considered as one of the most picturesque cities in the world.

Grenada also features its beautiful white sand beaches that are simply perfect if you want to take a dip in Caribbean’s cerulean waters. Or, you can take a hike on the mountain trails north of St. George and get wet from the waters of Annandale Falls.

St. Lucia

Nature-filled, not-heavily-populated St. Lucia can now be considered as one of the best tourist attractions in the Caribbean. The place is a host to one of the biggest spring music events in the Caribbean called St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival which is an excellent magnet for music lovers around the world.

Aside from music lovers, St. Lucia is also one of the go-to Caribbean places for honeymooners. With its powdery white sand beaches and romantic waterfront resorts, why not, right? It’s also home to adventure-seekers because of its challenging mountain trails and zip-lining spots.

The Caribbean region has a lot of fascinating tourist attractions to offer. You can find in this paradise a host of beautiful beaches, mountain trails, diving hotspots, interesting culture, and colonial history.

Thus, if there’s a place that you want to include on your travel bucket list, it should be the Caribbean. You can book an exciting travel deal to the Caribbean at Deal Wiki if you want to visit this place.


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