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5 Incredible Ways To Explore This Beautiful Planet

When building your travel bucket list, it’s only natural to think solely about the destinations. In reality, the quality of those unique adventures is often heavily influenced by the manner in which you experience them.

That’s why it’s important to build a bucket list of adventure types, taking on a variety of experiences to see and explore those destinations in style. Here are five of the best.

Volunteer abroad: Seeing the natural world is one thing, but it’s people and cultures that take those adventures to the next level. Volunteering abroad brings many benefits in this sense, and can teach you a lot about yourself too. This in itself is sure to make those adventures all the more rewarding. If nothing else, it’s sure to help you create lifelong friendships while providing a huge sense of self-satisfaction. In terms of being productive on your travels, it’s hard to find anything better.


City break: There’s nothing wrong with your standard holiday. However, annual leave is often limited, which is why city breaks are often a winning option. Visiting a destination for a long weekend often allows you to experience all the best features. It additionally guarantees that you’ll have time to see others later in the year. This can be a particularly great option for romantic trips, but should not be ignored by other travel enthusiasts. Sometimes those short and sweet adventures are the best.

Package adventure: Sometimes you want to explore the world on your terms, and a little spontaneity is great. However, embracing the help of experts can often enable you to see and do things you would otherwise miss out on. This option is best used when taking in tours like Patagonia Argentina to Ushuaia. Knowing that the itinerary is in place will remove a lot of the stress, allowing you to focus on enjoying the touring adventure. It’s great for individuals and small groups.   


Train travel: Many enthusiasts want to experience as many places as possible, which can mean there will be a lot of travel time involved. In many cases, this is a necessary sacrifice to experience those adventures. However, train journeys can often signal a wonderful experience in themselves. Whether it’s the Trans-Siberian railway or Japan’s bullet trains doesn’t matter. Turn travel elements into a selling point, and every moment of your time away will feel special.


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