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Ultimate Gear Guide to Make Awesome Travel Videos

By : Helen Clark

Traveling to another destination is always exciting, but for videographers yearning to professionally document their experience, vacationing is not the most important thing. The first thing on their mind should be the gear to ease their travels, as well as their shooting experience.

Questions such as which lenses should you bring, do you need a flash, and how many batteries to bring can be overwhelming at first. However, don’t freak out because if you take a second to compose your thoughts, you’ll see how simple it is to proficiently pack light. 


First of all, don’t dismiss your smartphones because they can be quite useful tools. This especially goes for iPhone owners since you can shoot B-roll footage and use it as a light, flash, and a digital audio recorder. Then again, nothing can replace a quality camera. Of course, Canon DSLR cameras are an excellent choice because they are versatile, light, and most of all, cheap. 

Consider acquiring this type of camera with an 18-55mm lens. Not only will you get long battery life, but you will also get beautiful shots without having to worry about theft or damaging the camera due to its low price. Let’s be real, traveling with expensive gear will only increase the stress and distract you from your voyage.


The video will be nothing without good audio. There is nothing worse than hearing constant sound oscillations, high pitches, and low, inarticulate sounds. Nowadays, you have a lot of options regarding portable microphones. USB mics are great for travels, they are light, small, and pull the power right from the camera. Once it’s plugged, it records without an off button, so just make sure that it’s on and you’re good to go.


You don’t want your videos to be shaky. Hence, a tripod is a necessity. As always, the lighter, the better, but to make this choice, you need to consider the destination you will be at. For example, if the location is windy or hilly, then filming will require additional support. However, light tripods with additional aluminum support are easy to find but for a bargain.

Final touch

You will not be able to record anything without batteries. So, pack as many extra batteries as you can, or at least two. The same applies to memory or SD cards, thus, get memory with extra room for shooting. Also, don’t forget about the charger and the car adapter since this is an excellent tool to have nearby when traveling.

One thing always leads to another, therefore, a laptop for saving the film and editing footage is an additional must. Regarding the editing, you will probably not have the time to do it on your travels. But, if the situation requires quick editing action, feel free to pass it on to some holiday video editing service to save time and to have some fun on your vacation. After all, you can have it all by simply learning to prioritize.

To sum up, travel videography is easier than it seems. Today, you can find light and cheap gear essentials and relax while going to a new and exciting location. Not only will you make the best shots, but you will also have the time to fully explore the destination. Still, don’t forget to pay attention to these little details and check the weather and shooting conditions of the place before you go.

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