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5 Pro Tips for Sightseeing Like a Local

Written by: Becca Meyers

Travel is an amazing way to see the world and expand your horizons. You can make the most out of your travel experiences by being intentional about immersing yourself in your destination and its people. Here are five of the best tips to help you to sightsee like a local.

Get Connected With Technology

In today’s connected world, it is easy to leverage technology to enhance your next trip. Start by downloading local apps that will help you to become acquainted with the area. A good travel app will provide recommendations about the best things to see and do on your stay. You will also find detailed information about various neighborhoods so that you can choose the best place for your stay. A local travel app will help you to avoid the usual tourist traps and choose the places that highlight the best things about your destination. In addition to learning about the best attractions and restaurants, you may also use this communication to connect with fellow travelers. Lastly, a local travel app will provide an amazing source of inspiration for your latest adventure.

Pop Into a Bar

Stopping into a favorite watering hole is a great way to meet new people and get a good grasp on the scene at your destination. You will likely find that connecting with locals on their turf will lead to interesting conversations. Take it one step further by signing up for a bar crawl. Choosing a home base for your stay in a lively neighborhood will make it easy to have fun in the local bar scene without having to drive. You may even find yourself returning to the same pub or bar on subsequent nights because of the friends that you make.

Rent a House or Apartment

You are unlikely to find a truly local experience by staying at a chain hotel. Instead of standard lodging accommodations, you would be wise to consider choosing a short-term rental. For example, a short term rental in Seattle will allow you to explore the heart of the Emerald City and all of its diverse neighborhoods while living more like a local. It is easier to immerse yourself in the culture of a city if you stay off the beaten path and choose to live as locals do–instead of in a hotel– in a neighborhood that fits your taste. One of the greatest benefits of having your own home or apartment is that you can shop at the local markets and cook some meals using the freshest ingredients. Look for ingredients that you cannot find at home and get creative in the kitchen.

Explore the Great Outdoors

While it is understandable to want to hit all of the top museums and historical attractions of your latest vacation destinations, it is also a good idea to travel away from the high tourist spots and explore the great outdoors. Visiting a park or outdoor recreational area will make you feel more like a local and less like a tourist. Before you set off on your journey, be sure to check the local calendars to see if there are any special festivals or events going on at the local parks. This is a great way to visit some of these popular outdoor spaces while enjoying a local event at the same time. As a bonus, you will burn off some energy and get some exercise.

Take Public Transportation

Rather than relying on a rental car, you should consider using public transportation. You will get to learn an area so much better by leaning on its transportation options for all of your needs. It is a lot easier to start a conversation with locals while traveling on public transportation. You never know what you will learn by traveling like a local. It may feel intimidating at first as you learn the system, but it will not take long before you are a pro at navigating your way around the city.

Making it a point to sightsee like a local will deliver a more enveloping travel experience. By employing these five tips, you will be well on your way to enjoying a trip that makes you feel as if you belong there.



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