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5 Summer Glamping Essentials

Written by: Becca Meyers

Glamping takes a normal camping vacation and makes it more enjoyable by adding luxury and comfort. You can elevate your ordinary camping trip to a more premium glamping experience by bringing along the right gear and visiting an adequate location. Depending on the campsite that you visit, there may already be a host of glamping accessories ready to use. Other sites will require that you bring along your own kit of tools to ensure a comfortable trip. Here are five of the best summer glamping items to pack for your next outdoor adventure.

Travel Stove and Other Cooking Essentials

You will enjoy your trip so much more if you are able to prepare a variety of delicious meals. A travel stove makes it easy to prepare a myriad of homemade meals for your group. You no longer have to rely on your campfire as your sole source of cooking heat if you have a travel stove. Your time spent glamping in New York will be more memorable if you are feasting on amazing meals each day. Other cooking essentials that will enhance your glamping trip include a portable espresso maker, a handheld blender for breakfast smoothies and frozen cocktails, and plenty of premium coolers to keep all of your cool items at the right temperature.

Cozy Bedding

One of the hallmarks of a glamping experience is cozy bedding. You will not enjoy your time away with Mother Nature if you are not sleeping well at night, making it essential that you have the right bedding essentials on hand. Some campers take glamping to the max by bringing along portable cots for sleeping. You may also choose to bring an air mattress for added comfort. Be sure to bring a variety of sheets and blankets since you can never predict what the outside temperature will be. Lots of pillows will complete the sleeping experience and ensure that you wake up ready to face a day of adventure.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Other Entertainment Options

Your glamping adventure definitely needs entertainment to make it more fun. A portable Bluetooth speaker provides hours of fun for your glamping crew. Listen to music while around the campfire at night, start your morning off with a cup of coffee and a podcast, and more. It is also important to make sure that you bring along the right charging equipment so that you have everything that you need to keep you connected and in control. To really spice things up around the campfire, consider bringing a portable film projector. It is easy to engineer a screen by using a simple white bedsheet hung up on the trees.


What can be more relaxing than hanging out on your hammock as you soak up the beauty of the great outdoors? There are a variety of portable hammocks that make a great trip companion for your next camping adventure. Hammocks are a great place to catch an afternoon nap, to dive into that page-turning book, or to simply rest and listen to the birds chirp above you. With a portable hammock, you will always have a place to enjoy the best parts of the camping experience.

Make it Feel Like Home

You can inject your own sense of personality and style into your glamping campsite by bringing along special touches from home. For example, stringing some lights along the perimeter of your campsite will make it feel cozier. Bring along a decorative vase so that you can pick wildflowers on your hikes to put on the picnic table. A colorful rug will inject some life into a drab campsite. Be sure to pack items that are not fragile or valuable. The goal is not to bring along your nicest decorative items. The key is to make your campsite feel more like home without worrying about your favorite items being ruined.


Going camping no longer means that you are required to rough it. With the right outdoor essentials, you can turn your camping trip into a glamping experience that will leave you feeling pampered and entertained. With a little creativity, there is no limit to how you can make this glamping experience as comfortable as possible.

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