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Adventure Activities that Bring You Closer Together

There is nothing like the spirit of adventure for bringing people closer together. Whether you are planning a team building day, romantic getaway or friends holiday, trying out a new adventure activity is a great way to bond with each other, while also getting some adrenaline coursing through your veins. If you are looking for a new activity for you to share with colleagues, friends or family, here are a few ideas to start you off.


Quad Biking

Though a simple bike ride may well be more romantic, there is nothing like whizzing along on a quadbike to get your heart beating faster. These four-wheelers can be rented out all over the place, and they tend to be accessible for a wide range of people as you don’t have to worry about heights, which is one of the most common reasons why people avoid certain adventure activities. Choose a spot in the countryside and you can also enjoy the scenery, albeit it will be shooting by at a rapid pace!

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a pretty good activity for team building, as you can communicate with each other on your way up a cliff. Start off small on an indoor climbing wall and you can get the hang of the basics, before graduating to boulders and rocks outdoors. The other great thing about climbing is that it is a hobby that you can gradually improve over time, moving onto more challenging ascents while also keeping yourself fit.


Zip Wires

One of the most common outdoor activities that you can find all over the place is the zip wire. This is largely because they seem somewhat less death-defying and more accessible than other height-based adventures like skydiving and bungee jumping. All types of countryside centers are setting up this activity, so learn about Zipline Solutions for more information. The thrill of getting to the end is sure to get you bonding with whoever is there with you.


While offering some similarities to skateboarding or surfing, wakeboarding seems to be the more accessible choice at the moment. There are already three million participants globally, and the sport has continued to grow in size and recognition over the years. It is basically a cross between snowboarding and waterskiing, and offers plenty of thrills and spills for both experts and first-timers alike.


Hang Gliding and Paragliding


Hang gliding and paragliding give you all the thrills of flying, without the sensation of falling which many people are averse to. Though the initial run-up can be pretty terrifying, once you are out there, it is more a feeling of peacefulness rather than white-knuckle inducing terror!



Not a great one for people who suffer from any kind of claustrophobia, but caving takes you right underground for a thrilling adventure. The best routes take in all kinds of scenery including all the rock formations you would imagine, along with underground waterfalls and a general otherworldly feeling.

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