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New Country, Who’s This? Icleand Bound

Question: I was scrolling through your pictures and noticed you visited Iceland last year. I’ll be visiting in a few months and wanted some recommendations. What should I see and/or do?   

Answer: View list below.


A.K.A: The Penis Museum.

I would be lying if I said I visited the museum to learn about mammal genitals. I went strictly for kicks and giggles. Someone dedicated an entire exhibition to penises, and I had to see (and Snapchat) it for myself.  On a serious note, it was very educational. This is the only place where size doesn’t matter. Travelers come (no pun intended) from around the world to visit one of the largest collections of phallic specimens. In fact, the museum houses more than 250 penises and penile parts belonging to Icelandic sea and land mammals including whales, seals, birds and mice.

Final Note: don’t leave without visiting the gift shop


Just like you wouldn’t visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, you cannot fly to Iceland without taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon. No further explanation is needed. Buy your ticket and enjoy.

Quick tip: It would be wise to wrap your hair or bring a swim cap. The Blue Lagoon has high levels of silica which can make hair stiff and unmanageable.


I honestly don’t remember many of the meals I had on this trip, with the exception of my whale and puffin sliders from Grillmarkadurinn. However, I prepared a list of Icelandic delicacies you should try.

  • Hakarl: or fermented shark is the national dish of Iceland. I didn’t get a chance to eat shark during my trip, but a friend of mine tried it when she visited Iceland on a separate vacation. She said it was the nastiest thing she has ever consumed, but she’s glad she tried something new.
  • Pylsur: is an Icelandic hot dog made with lamb, pork and beef parts. You can grab one at Baejarins beztu, which is one of the most popular hot dog stands in central Reykjavik.
  • Kjotsupa (meat soup): is another traditional dish cooked with lamb. Meat is cut into small pieces and cooked with rice, onions, potatoes, carrots and herbs.
  • And if you’re feeling more adventurous try boiled sheep head or Hrutspungar (rams testicles).


I highly recommend this! In fact, it was one of my favorite experiences in Iceland.

The Golden Circle is another popular attraction that invites visitors to view some of Iceland’s most stunning sights. My friends and I rented a car for our trip. Instead of booking through a tour group, we decided to drive the Golden Circle to save some cash. I actually preferred this. We had an opportunity to bond on our mini road trip and we could drive the route at our own pace.


I would like to return to Iceland in a few years, because there’s so much more to see. Below are a few activities I’m planning to see/do when I return.

  • View the Northern Lights: The Northern Lights were not visible during my visit (my group was extremely disappointed). I’ve been told the best months to view the lights are September to mid-April when the skies are clear and dark.
  • Whale Watching: best time is from April to October; peak season is from June to August
  • Swim between two massive tectonic plates
  • Take an ice cave tour

I hope this helps! Please visit my page for additional content and to ask questions. I’m happy to assist with your traveling needs.

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