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The Globe Trotters Guide To Safe And Easy Travel

Travelling around the world can be a risky affair. You have so many documents, valuable possessions, and other things to worry about. It only takes one little thing going wrong to ruin your holiday. To help you on your way to safer and securer travel, this post will go through some of the things you need to consider before and during your journeys.

Plan And Prepare

When it comes to planning your holiday or trip, the location should be well thought out and chosen deliberately. Every country releases it’s crime statistics, giving you a great tool to gauge how safe a place might be. In a lot of countries, kidnapping foreigners is a common gang activity. And, in some cities, you’ll find densely packed areas to be filled with pick pockets. Be logical when it comes to choosing a location, especially if you’re travelling along.

Before you reach the airport, you’ll need to figure out what you need to take with you. You’ll definitely need your passport and boarding passes, but you may need other documents as well. Some countries may also require specific dress code in certain areas or at certain times of day. So, it’s best to research your destination before leaving home.

Time will play a key part in the success of your travels. Negotiating airports, train stations, and taxis can take military precision if you want to make connections on time. Having a schedule will allow you to keep your mind on the important things, instead of stressing about time.

Make sure that you let someone know that you’re gone. If nobody knows that you’ve gone away, it will be hard for people to notice your absence. You should always have a regular contact, who knows you’re alright. It’s a good idea to have them look after your house as well. Even if it’s just a wander through each day, to make sure nothing is amiss.

At The Airport

Airports are the prime location for holiday disappointment. And passports are are the cause of a  lot of the pain. Most airports won’t let you fly with less than three months on your passport. And, if you forget it altogether, you won’t be going anywhere. Check your passport at least four months before you decide to travel. This will give you time to get a new one if your old one is lost or about to expire.

A lot of countries require a visa or electronic travel authorisation before you can leave the airport. Some visas can be bought at the airport, with no questions asked. But, some other countries will require several months to process a visa. You may have to go to interviews at a local embassy if you’re travelling very far.

To fly, you will also need some other documents. You’ll need your flight tickets, and possibly proof of payment. You may also need import documents if you plan on taking large amounts of one product into the country. Every country is different when it comes to airport requirements. So, it’s essential that you do some research specific to your destination.

Since the rise of terror attacks on planes, airport security has been hiked up around the globe. Nowadays, you have to be careful of nearly every item you have in your hand luggage. Too large a quantity of liquid, and it will be confiscated. And any sort of blade, however small, will be taken away from you. You need to be very careful when it comes to airport security; one small blunder can be catastrophic.

While You’re Away

While you’re gone, you’ll need to be on high alert for pickpockets and robbers. To avoid theft, travelling in groups will always help you. But, you should also be aware of the high-value items you carry. Only take what you need with you. Excess will make you into a target, and being a target is not what you want! In some places, people will try to take advantage of you through innocent-looking bar games or other tricks. Research the country you plan to visit and check their crime rates for crimes against tourists.

Never take all of your money out with you at once. And, if you can, don’t have all of your money as cash at all. Even if your bank account charges for overseas use, you can still get traveller’s cheques. They can only be cashed by the person who bought them, and have no actual value. If a crook takes them from you, they’ll have a bad day. Request a safe in your hotel room; most hotels have them. This will give you confidence that the hotel staff are keeping their hands off!


Wherever you go, you should be aware of the law of the land. When it comes to things like hire cars and rental agreements, countries differ so much. Your experience from one place to the next is almost guaranteed to be different. Keeping on top of local law will help you to avoid making any mistakes due to ignorance. You can’t plead that you didn’t know you here doing something wrong; you’ll still get in trouble. You need to do your own research and read the information here and there around the internet. Holiday maker reviews can give you a great idea of how strict a place is.

Always avoid deals that sound too good to be true. Cunning criminals prey on holiday makers. When you’re relaxed, you’re at your most vulnerable. This gives people the chance to try and sell you anything. From properties to speed boats, you’ll see some weird ones!

Travelling from country to country and conquering the globe is a time for awe and wonder. It doesn’t have to be spoiled by something small and easy to fix. If you take the time to do research, you can avoid problems altogether. Use government resources, as well as customer opinions and the words of bloggers. This will give you a wide scope to go from. Good luck on your travels, and, most importantly, have fun!

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