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Help! My Friends Won’t Travel With Me

DM Question: what should I do if my friends don’t want to travel with me? I would like to travel more, but it’s a challenge getting my friends to commit to plans. This applies to domestic and international travel.

My response: chunk the deuces!

Does this story sound familiar?

Your friends express interest in taking a group trip. You enthusiastically start planning your vacation. You eventually agree on the location, lodging accommodations, and set a budget that’s reasonable for everyone’s pockets. The planning is uncomfortably smooth. It’s easy; a little too easy. Everyone is on board…or so you thought. The moment it’s time to collect money for flights, your friends suddenly forget how to respond to their text messages. And the friends who are kind enough to respond back will give you one of the following excuses:

  • “I can’t go, because I have no one to babysit my goldfish while I’m away.”
  • “Can we go next year?”
  • “Oh, you were serious about going?”
  • I don’t have any PTO.”
  • “Nah.”
  • “I just paid rent.”
  • “Can my boyfriend come on the girl’s trip?”
  • “My friend (who has never left Texas) told me xyz is dangerous. I’m going to pass.”
  • “My grandma told me I couldn’t go.”
  • “Let’s watch the Travel Channel instead.”
  • “I heard they barely speak English in (names country outside the U.S.). I don’t feel comfortable visiting if they don’t speak English.”

Raise your hand if you’ve heard at least one of these excuses.

*shamelessly raises both hands*

It’s okay. Don’t their rejection personally.


The thing is you can’t force or pressure (nor should you) your friends into going on a trip, especially if they express discomfort with the location, don’t want to deal with a language barrier, or do not have the finances to fund a trip. As much as we would love to travel with our closest friends, it doesn’t always pan out. Unfortunately, if you ever want to acquire another stamp on your passport, you’ll have to travel without them. Otherwise you’ll be waiting forever. Don’t forgo a life experience because your friend can’t find someone to babysit his/her pet.

As always, I’m here to fix your traveling woes. I’ve compiled a few traveling alternatives for my readers who are struggling with this dilemma.

  1. Join a travel group. I joined a travel group last year, and it was the best decision I ever made. I met young men and women from around the country who were eager to share their traveling tips and personal experiences. I instantly connected with the members, because we all shared an insatiable passion to travel. It was refreshing to be around like-minded individuals. And booking trips was a breeze. I NEVER had a problem finding a companion to travel with. If there was a flight deal, there were always people ready to purchase a ticket. No excuses. I was able to travel and I didn’t have to visit these countries alone. Let’s just say, my passport has a healthy amount of stamps these days.


  1. Take a Solo Trip. If you’re antisocial or uncomfortable traveling with a group of strangers, you may want to consider solo travel. The highlight is having the flexibility to travel at your own pace. If you’re still concerned about being lonely, consider staying at a hostel. It’s ideal for solo travelers, because it’s a unique opportunity to meet other expats from around the world. And most hostels have activities for its guest, which serves as another opportunity to mix and mingle with people.


  1. Use Travel Apps. Travel apps benefit solo travelers and groups. Google Apps has an assortment of applications to cultivate group outings with explorers from around the world. You’ll connect instantly with nearby travelers and can decide if you want to link up for cocktails or engage in a sightseeing activity. This is a great motivational tool to meet new people while trekking around the world.


  1. Study Abroad. Studying abroad is a great option for college students who are passionate about exploring a foreign country. You have the opportunity to try new delicacies, study a foreign language and be immersed in a unique atmosphere. You will also have a chance to meet new people in your classes who are more than likely itching to explore the country with you.


I hope this helps! And don’t worry. Your friends will eventually come around. Post a few of your travel pics to Instagram and Facebook, and they will be begging you to bring them along on the next trip. Until that moment happens, research other travel options. Don’t put your life on pause for anyone, even your close friends.

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