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Here’s Why You Need to Try Scuba Diving in Malta and Gozo

By: Elena

Are you on the hunt for the next scuba diving site that is sure to provide you with a memorable experience you’ll carry with you the rest of your life? If so you may want to check out Malta and Gozo, found in the crystal-clear waters of the stunning Mediterranean Sea. Besides its beautiful clear waters, Malta is known for its large offering of wrecks, reefs, and caves all worth exploring.

Here’s a look at just a few of the reasons Malta and Gozo make for perfect scuba diving site and could just be the ideal vacation destination.

Clear Calm Waters                                                                  

For those who are just starting out in scuba diving, they will appreciate that the waters that surround Malta and Gozo are clear and calm. This makes for much easier scuba diving conditions. Your sightline under water is increased, allowing you to take in that much more. It’s also less risky since you aren’t contending with rough waters.

Dangerous Sea Life is Rare

Unlike with some of the other top diving destinations in the world, you won’t have to worry about running into dangerous sea creatures such as sharks. Sightings are rare, which makes this a fairly safe place to go diving.

Choose from Various Depths

There is also the fact that there are many depths to choose from, and challenge levels. Beginners can stick to shallow dives such as the 12-metre Ghar Lapsi location, and then the more experienced divers can explore Lantern Point’s 50-metre deep underwater tunnel.

Get Your Taste of Shipwrecks

Not every dive destination offers the opportunity to check out a sunken ship wreck. This is a truly unique and often mesmerizing experience for divers of all levels. Here in Malta you’ll find plenty of wrecks to check out. Keep in mind that the most notable wrecks are at least 30 metres in depth, so you have to be comfortable with that kind of diving.

Most of the wrecks are thanks to World War II and thanks to the clear waters of the sea here, the visibility is fantastic. You’ll find everything from aircraft, to cargo vessels, and even submarines. It could easily be the highlight of your entire trip.

If you are interested in these types of dives but you’re worried your skills aren’t up to par, it would be wise to hire a diving instructor who could accompany you.

Seek a Professional Scuba Diving Instructor to Enhance the Experience

If you’ve been convinced that scuba diving in Malta and Gozo is a must for your next holiday then you may want to listen to the recommendation of others who suggests Denis, a diving instructor at Atlantis Gozo and a long time nomad, as the person to dive with. Denis will ensure that your trip is not only fun and a memorable experience, but that it’s also done in a safe way.

Because Denis holds many years’ worth of experience in Malta and Gozo, he’s also well aware of where the top sights are, what level of experience is needed, and how to dive the sight in a safe and fun manner.

A Trip to Remember

Scuba diving in Malta and Gozo provides divers with an opportunity to experience the stunning clear Mediterranean Sea first-hand along with all its caves, reefs, and wrecks. With no shortage of sites to check out, you can visit a new spot each day of your vacation. It’s highlight tends to be the rather large offering of World War II wrecks, and really is a must-see for anyone looking to dive in the area.


Elena is a diving enthusiast who has been at the sport for years. She has travelled to various dive sites in Hawaii as well as around the world. Elena works with Atlantis Gozo in Malta providing exceptional services to those looking to experience the sport.

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