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Three Technology-Free Activities To Get In Touch With The World

It’s not really particularly shocking to say that a lot of people these days a somewhat detached from the world around them. The advent of the internet and smartphones has undoubtedly been a good thing for humanity overall. It means that people are able to communicate with each other more easily, find information more quickly and open themselves up to things that they might never have discovered. But that does come with some downsides. Now people are so wrapped up in the enormous world within their screens that they forget to look up at the incredible world around them. There are so many amazing experiences that the world has to offer and so many of us are in danger of missing them because we can’t stop staring down at our phones. With that in mind, here are just a few activities that you can do that will get you phone out of your hands and your eyes back on the world around you.



There really is nothing like getting away from it all. Being able to get back to nature and remember what it was like before we spent our lives beyond bombarded with constant information. You can just enjoy the world around you. Few things are more refreshing that waking up in the morning in a tent and breathing in the fresh, cool air. By stripping away many of the world’s modern conveniences, you’re able to remind yourself just how little you really need a lot of them. So that when you come back to the world of technology, you won’t feel as though you rely on them quite so heavily.



Some people have the image in their heads that fishing is just sitting in a still boat in silence for hours at a time waiting for a single bite, only to pull up a tiny little morsel that wouldn’t even count as a snack. Well, that’s certainly not the case when you go halibut fishing! With schools of halibut that are so huge they’re called barn doors and the expertise of an experienced captain guiding you and offering support, you’ll understand in no time why so many people around the world find fishing to be such an incredible and exciting sport.



You know what’s missing from a lot of modern society? Quiet. There never seems to be any opportunities for people just to sit and contemplate in total silence. Well, that’s definitely not the case when you’re sat on the top of a mountain. Hiking is one of the best ways to leave the world behind for a while and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Whether you’re walking through mountains and forests, or finding small hidden corners of the map that no one else seems to have ever discovered, there’s something wonderful about seeing all the incredible things that nature has to show you that we tend to miss in our busy, non-stop lives.

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