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Why The British Love Bingo


Check out most major towns and cities in the United Kingdom and you’re sure to stumble across at least one bingo hall. Whether or not that bingo hall has been abandoned or still in use is another matter.

Although bingo had seemingly had its day and was on the way out, it has, in the last few years, experienced something of a revival among the British public. Online bingo has gone a long way to maintaining interest in the game and with online players looking for a more authentic game, the bingo halls have capitalized on this. If you’re looking to get into bingo and feel a bingo hall would be too intimidating, you can try an online game here to get some experience –

It is estimated that 9% of the reported £12 billion UK gambling market is from bingo, including both online and offline games. But what is it that the British love about bingo? Let’s take a look.


Nothing appeals more to people than simplicity, and bingo has this in spades. You, the player, are given a card and as the caller reads out the balls that are chosen, you mark off those that are on your card. Of course, if you’re playing online, this isn’t an issue.

There are different ways to win, such as winning on one line and winning on the whole card, which is known as a full house. When all of your numbers are called and you have marked them all off on your card, shout “house” in order to win.

Obviously, like most games there are variations, but none of them are too taxing on the brain.


Bingo provides a great opportunity for people to socialize. Whether it’s Betty and Deirdre having a catch up over a thrilling game of bingo at the local hall, or the mummies from the nursery enjoying a few games online while being able to keep up with the latest gossip, bingo brings people together and gets them socializing.

The bingo community as a whole is huge and every time you walk down your local high street, the chances are there are several people who like to indulge in bingo. Both local bingo halls and online games allow you to meet new people and make some new friends. It may even turn out that someone you play with online actually lives nearby.

The Bingo Calls

When bingo callers read out the balls that are selected, they don’t just read the numbers, they also read out funny nicknames that go with them, known as bingo lingo. Some of the famous ones include “Legs eleven” – 11, “Unlucky for some” – 13, “Two little ducks” – 22 and “Top of the shop” – 90. Arguably the most famous bingo number nickname belongs to the number 88, which is known as “Two fat ladies”.

While not all of the nicknames are polite, they do add personality to the game and if you ever attend a bingo hall, you’re be sure to hear the players join in on the calls. It all makes for a lot of fun.

So there you have it. Mix in the simplicity of the game, the fun of socialising and the laughs from the bingo calls, and you get the reasons why the British love bingo.

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