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What To Expect From iOS10 Update


Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference goes from June 13-June 17.  Yesterday, Apple execs gave us a rundown of all the enhancements coming to iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Mac OS X!   We decided to make it easy on you by gathering all the changes into a list of differences that we know you’ll enjoy after the update arrives in the Fall!


Phone Features

Screen wakes when you lift your iPhone to make it easier to view notifications at a glance and perform actions without ever having to unlock your screen.  Remove built-in apps from the home screen such as iBooks, Tips, Stocks, Compass! Now they’ll be available as standalone apps in the Apple Store. Voicemail will be transcribed which will keep you from having to listen to long rambling messages.  Access camera easily by only swiping to the left.  They also threw in new clicking sound for the keyboard.  Clock App assists with your sleeping pattern with a detailed sleep analysis. Flashlight Intensity allows you to adjust the brightness of your flashlight tool Siri– Apple will allow Siri to perform actions from other apps without opening them  (Ex:  Order a ride   through Uber, Personal Payments, Start a Workout) Siri is also learning how to give intelligent responses while in conversation so if someone sends you an iMessage asking you where you are.. Siri can suggest that you send that person your current location without you typing anything.


iMessage Features

“App Drawer”- have access to your apps without leaving iMessage

Emoji- iPhone changes words to emoji in iMessage and emoji size has increased 3x

iMessage shows  previews  of pictures and videos from the websites that are being linked

Personalized Read Receipts –Contacts will have a “Send Read Receipts” under details

Animation & Effects – have balloons or even confetti take over your entire screen in a  message thread! Make text shake or become bigger or smaller. Blur texts to only be revealed when recipient uncovers with finger. You can also draw letters directly into the iMessage app




Multitasking – You can finally play music and take pictures at the same time!

Storage Optimization – frees up space by allowing you to remove your least played songs with one swipe

Apple Music – redesigned interface with bigger, bolder fontYou will also be able to swipe up  to access lyrics and know what song is up next



No more walking around aimlessly from lot to lot: once enabled, this new feature remembers   the last location of your car for you and will automatically drop a pin. In-App Navigation – search restaurants, book reservations, find nearest gas stations/coffee shops and estimate how a stop will effect without leaving the app.  Avoid tolls option, information on traffic conditions, current road hazards, and the zoom-in & zoom-out will adjust accordingly


After the update, your phone will be able to analyze faces for grouping photographs. This will allow you to search through your pictures  (Search “dog” and see all your puppy photos, for example.)


Check out this video to see the future changes in action:



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