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The Culture Crash with H & M on Latest Racially Insensitive Ad

By: Dessie Brown Jr. 


Earlier this week, clothing-retail company H&M released a racially insensitive ad featuring a young black boy in a hoodie that read “coolest monkey in the jungle.” Since the ad was discovered, H&M has received a large amount of backlash via social media as well as in the news. Celebrities such as Diddy, Lebron James and more have spoken out to criticize the fashion company.


In this edition of #CultureCrash, let’s examine 3 components of their Epic Marketing Fail


  1. Obviously the First mistake was putting the young king in a shirt that insinuated that he was a monkey. As far back as any black people can remember, it has never been ok to compare us to a monkey. I swear white people know that, even if they don’t admit it. It’s like the N-word, Coon, the B-word to Black Women, etc…They know…Don’t Play


  1. Why was the other kid in a “survival expert” shirt? Isn’t it Ironic? Don’t you think? (Shout out Alanis Morissette). That compounds the issue and sends the wrong message next to the first mistake.


  1. As Dave Chappelle and Paul Mooney would say….They should’ve just asked a black dude. Marlon Wayans spoke for a lot of us when he told TMZ that H&M “Needs some Black People in their company to look over sh*t.” In fact, most companies that aren’t in tune with the Culture should adopt that.


I know Hennes & Mauritz is a Swedish company, but they do business all over the world and need to know different cultures and how they operate (I know you’re saying “Oh…that’s what that ish stands for?” Yep!). That’s why it’s so important for there to be diversity in marketing and advertising. We should all support great programs such as The Marcus Graham Project and other nonprofit organizations with similar missions. That’s the only way we will truly live out Martin’s Dream and see Obama’s Change. 


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