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Early Voting Begins Today in Texas for Primary Elections #Decision2016

Early voting for the March 1 Texas primary elections begins Tuesday.

You’ll be able to cast your ballot in the Texas Primary from Tuesday, Feb. 16 to Friday, Feb. 26. An application for a ballot by mail must be received by the voter registrar by Friday, Feb. 19.

The 2016 primary election is expected to be historic, shattering turnout records of the past.

Who will be on my ballot?

To find out what districts you live in and who represents you at the state and national level, visit the “Who Represents Me?” website. 

The offices up for election in 2016 include the U.S. President, all 36 U.S. Representatives from Texas, one Texas railroad commissioner, three members of the Texas Supreme Court, 16 state senators and all 150 state representatives.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will also be looking to exceed expectations in Texas and Ohio Gov. John Kasich still has hope of becoming the Republican candidate that the party establishment rallies around. Running a strong third in Texas would give him a big boost, but there are questions about his electoral strength in the southern states.

For the Democrats, Jillson said Hillary Clinton is expected to win by a comfortable margin over her rival Sen. Bernie Sanders. But the Democratic race has also been full of surprises this year and Sanders claimed a symbolic victory here by narrowing the gap between himself and the former secretary of state.

The unpredictable presidential election has also helped to generate lots of interest in several heated local races.



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