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“Get Out!” Open-Air Exercising

There are too many guides on keeping fit, aren’t there? While we can’t all agree on definitive one way to keep fit, as we are all different, exercising outside beats working out indoors in so many ways. You might be sick of the gym or need to switch up your workout routine, but whatever your reason might be, there is a multitude of benefits to getting to the great outdoors for a rigorous workout session!

The air is much better. The quality of the air you breathe outdoors when you compare it to the sweat-stenched muggy air of a gym is so much better. In fact, 20 minutes of working out in the open air works out as the same as a cup of coffee with regards to the energy boost you will feel. Having a run in the open air during the winter will help you feel the burn a lot more over an adequately heated gym.

It’s unpredictable. The difference in working out indoors to outdoors is down to a lack of predictability, which is essential for your workout. By being stuck in the same old routine, your body gets used to it quickly, this is why you need to surprise your muscles every time, it is the best way for them to grow. Choosing to work out or run in an area with rough terrain will keep you alert, and on your toes, this is why mountain biking is a great workout. It helps you to maintain focus and to react quickly to the changes in gradient. If you are looking for a mountain bike, check out this guide for a list of bikes suitable for outdoor terrain. If you spend any decent amount of time working out outside, there are so many things that will change day to day. Even if you work out in the same park, the weather won’t always be the same, and it’s this unpredictability that adds a surprising edge to your workout.

You will burn a lot more calories. Being outdoors has many differences over a gym, and the biggest one is the lack of clock-watching! If you are on a treadmill, you may watch the timer go down or think about that juicy burger you’ll have when you get home. The benefit of being out in the open is that you can work out better and enjoy the surroundings much more, meaning you won’t be keeping track of time so much.

The freedom! There are so many ways to keep up a level of fitness by working outdoors that are totally different than the typical gym environment. The boredom that can manifest during a gym workout means you are rushing your exercises and not focusing on the quality you’re putting in. You can easily feel intimidated if you are hogging an ellipsis machine, but being outdoors means you are on your own time. If you are thinking that all you can do is run when you’re outside, the beaches in LA have outdoor workout stations, so take some inspiration.

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