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6 Ways to Pitch Yourself for Long Lasting Great Relationships

Contributor : Alexandria Traylor – Southern Muse

Listen with Your Heart and Not Your Mind

When you speak with your friend or significant other, listen up closely. A person will tell you exactly how to treat them. They will tell you exactly how to make them happy and what will please them. Practice listening to understand, instead of listening to respond.

Learn to Give Unconditionally

A relationship is never about just you. This means you have to give selflessly. Give without expecting something in return. Give because you genuinely care about the well-being and outcome of this person’s life. Giving is selfless, so focus on yourself, less.

Remain Present in the Moment

Realize the fleetingness of time.  Your vow to be present and actually show up for a moment or a conversation should be recognized by the other person. . You should not abuse or waste quality time and neither should the other person. Get off of your cell phone to focus on the other person and what they are saying.

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