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He’s Just Not That Into You – Part 1

Contributor : JoJo E

Ladies, you may need to grab a glass of wine and some Kleenex

Whether we like it or not, we all have had a failed relationship.  We may even be struggling to understand the relationship we are currently in.

After being subjected to countless girls’ nights and phone calls trying to dissect the male species, I think I have a pretty clear understanding of a concept that we as woman HATE to accept.

We as women, gather amongst ourselves to banter about our relationships, or to get clarity of the status of our relationship with our significant other. I almost feel as though that being from the south,   these constant conversations are heighten because if you let a southern belle tell it, we are breed to be Mrs. by any means necessary.

But WHY is it so difficult to break it to our sista girl when the obvious is so clear at times. The obvious I am speaking of is the fact, maybe your mister perfect, is just not that into you.

OUCH! I know, that one may have stung.

When I say, “ he’s just not that into you”  that phrase does not stem from his physical attraction to you, the hours on end you spend on the phone together,  or the fact you made it to the family dinner. It strictly comes from the actions that he displays when he is with you, or away from you.  I have complied of list of examples to hopefully guide you to the promise land of happiness and renewing yourself worth. Time is the one thing we cannot get back and it is my mission to help you save some time on wasting time.

Destiny’s Child wasn’t crazy when they made “Say my name” . Because if no one is around you, YOU BETTER say my name.

Everyone that is important to a man  should know who you are. There should NEVER be a question of your placement in this man’s life. From the mail man to his momma, they should know you are the Queen bee. If every time you meet his friends, or hang around mutual friends they are saying, “Oh I didn’t know y’all talked” then maybe you aren’t as important as you thought you were.

My all time favorite is when he is chilling with you, gets a phone call. When the caller ask what he is doing, he states, “Oh I’m just chilling what’s up?” He neglected to say he is with his girl.  What’s the next question that comes out of our mouths’ ladies? “Who was that?”  Player line of the year, “Oh I don’t want everyone in my business.” Business? Call me petty, but I did not know we were a transaction. Therefore, you need to acknowledge me! See, married individuals have the luxury of not having to validate their status. They have a physical emblem in the form of a ring to symbolize the union that they share with someone else.  Us dating folk, don’t get it that easy. He has to STATE his claim. If he struggles to do this HE’s JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!

Stay Tuned for Part 2 from JoJo E.

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