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Back-to-Work Gifts for Him after Quarantine

Written by: Amy Sloane

No one said this would be easy, and for many of us, quarantine has come with a number of challenges for many husbands, wives, and partners. The stay-at-home orders in many states have started to lift, and millions of Americans are now out and about, and the nation’s workforce is slowly getting back to business outside of the home. We’re all trying to get used to the new normal. If there’s a special man you know heading back to the grind, we have some unique back-to-work gifts sure to boost his morale and strengthen the relationship bond you treasure. A little love and thoughtfulness can go a long way.

Made of Leather

When it comes to a gift that offers both elegance and function, you can’t beat that which is made of leather. It’s sexy, durable, masculine and classy, and leather has been designed in some incredible back-to-work gift ideas.

From a rustic sunglasses case and wallet to handsome Macbook cases to a cool organizing penholder set or a fancy passport holder, leather can be a beautiful and timeless expression of love.

Leather is made for real life and meant to be useful, lasting, and personal.

For Vacation Time

We’ve all heard of the old proverbial saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Your man will have a little time off at some point, and whether it’s a weekend, holiday, or a week’s vacation, you’ll want to savor those moments, and a phone camera lens is an awesome gadget to consider.

Smartphone photography kits come with multiple lenses that will allow him to get that incredible shot from his iPhone or Android device. A fisheye lens or telephoto lens is easily clipped to the camera of your device, for instance, and you can start transforming your world. From selfies to group party shots to scenic panoramic views, the right camera lens can color your world.

Who needs to lug around a bulky camera when you’ve got these high-tech lenses?

Invisible Tie Stay

If your partner is always in a suit and tired of having to adjust his tie all day long, do him a favor, and gift him with an invisible tie stay. Even better, buy him a brand new, colorful tie to go with it.

Talk about a modern solution, the invisible tie stay comes with a magnetic bar and clip-on keeper loop. All you have to do is clip it on, and let the magnet do the rest. His tie will stay attached to his shirt, and he will look like the ultimate professional.

Personal Air Conditioner

Is your man returning to work in a hot, stuffy environment and could use a cooling blast of air?

Show him that you appreciate his hard work, feel for him, and hope to brighten his daily 9 to 5 with a high-tech, personal evaporative air cooler, and humidifier. The tiny gizmo sits on a desk, for example, and is easy to transport.

Just fill the water tank, plug it in, press the power button, ah-hh, and enjoy.

Supportive Seat Cushion

There is no doubt that sitting for hours at a time at the office desk can put quite a strain on the lumbar region. A portable and comfy seat cushion is the next best thing for soothing his back and giving some TLC to those aching pressure points.

Every booty and tailbone deserve a break-even when your wallet is sitting in your back pocket. The best kind of supportive seat cushions features a memory foam core that helps you maintain proper spinal alignment to take the pressure off of your lumbar vertebrae.

Gift-giving is essential in any loving relationship. It helps us connect and further defines our unique bond. Author Gary Chapman talks about it in “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts,” explaining that receiving gifts is one of the five ways in which we perceive love.

Quarantine has placed a lot of stress on relationships, but we are all getting through the tough times and forging ahead. A thoughtful gift can inspire us, boost our spirit, and remind us that emotional expression matters.

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