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Celebrate Your Lockdown Birthday With These Five Tips

It’s never nice to have to celebrate your birthday during lockdown. Your friends and family have to work around the fact that they can’t come to see you, and you have to cancel all of your carefully thought-out plans to make your birthday brilliant. It sucks, to be quite honest!

  • Have A Virtual Birthday Party

With the help of many different apps out there, you can host a virtual event and have your party online. Let everyone know the time and date of the party and get all your friends involved. You can speak to your friends, have drinks and you can even have a truth or dare game to make everyone laugh. Don’t forget about karaoke, too!

  • Host A Virtual Dinner Party

You can’t go to your favorite fancy restaurant but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fancy meal. Get a recipe online and ask your friends and family to do the same. Aim to all be sitting at the table at 8pm to eat, and you can pop corks and enjoy time together when you do it. Set the mood and add birthday decor for the ultimate birthday party with friends. 

  • Cocktail Classes

Did you know that there are many different cocktail courses offered online virtually? You can get in your own recipes and ingredients and follow along as you are taught to make cocktails in the house. Cocktail parties should be enjoyed responsibly, but you can have so much fun just paying attention to your own technique. It’s so much fun and you can get all your friends involved, too!

  • Dance Off!

Your birthday means that it’s your choice how you spend it. You can host a dance off with your friends and family and you can get everyone up on their feet to party with you. We mentioned karaoke earlier, and you can incorporate your karaoke games with a dance off. It’ll be fun and everyone of any age can be involved.

  • Birthday Picnic

Get the camera down low and have a picnic on the floor. You can do it outside on a sunny day or inside on a rainy one, but you can have some sandwiches, birthday cake and a Pimms, and sit and enjoy having your favourite people around you while you do it.


A lockdown birthday doesn’t have to be a bad thing to host. Start today and you can make sure your birthday party goes to plan! Don’t let the pandemic dampen your birthday spirit.


The thing to remember is that we are all adapting to life in lockdown right now, and plenty of people will be in the same boat as you right now. You may not have a birthday that involves a party or a day out at a theme park, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun. Below, we’ve found some brilliant ways you can celebrate your lockdown birthday and – for a few hours at least – forget all the scary parts of the news right now.

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