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How to Create an Inspiring Atmosphere: 4 Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Written by: Leila Amber

We all spend a lot of time at home. It is a place of rest and safety. It is where we spend time with the people we love. And of course, especially for those who lead a creative life, it should also be a place of inspiration. Where ideas thrive and grow. 


The question is…how do you do that? How does one create an inspiring atmosphere? Don’t worry because that’s exactly what we are going to talk about today. In this article, we are going to share with you the ways in order to improve the overall atmosphere of your home and turn it into a more inspiring and creative environment to live in. Excited? Then let’s get started!

Your Roots of Inspiration

There are a lot of ways that you can create a more inspiring space in a general sense. However, if you really want to make the most out of this home decor project and get better results, then we recommend taking a more personal approach. 


Start with the roots of your inspiration. What inspires you? What ignites your passion? What makes you driven? Is it family? Then surround yourself with their photos. Is it art? Then get art prints of your favorite pieces. 


If you’re a creative person, then get your tools organized yet seen. Opt for open shelving. Place an empty canvas on an easel and put it in a location where you’ll be able to see it each day.

Home Accessories

Now while you’re waiting for more ideas to brew, let’s move on to talk about the more general decor tips. We’re sure that the following home interior accessories will provide you with some solid tips to get you started. 


Did you know that the type of lighting that you have at home can actually influence your creative spark? According to a study, warmer lighting, such as the orange tones of the sunset can calm our nerves and create a sense of comfort. It can also benefit creative thinking better than harsh cool light, which in turn, provides mental clarity, alertness, and focus. 


You see, each light temperature serves a different focus. Hence, we recommend warmer shades for spaces where you intend to reflect on your ideas and inspiring thoughts. On the other hand, you would need bright and focused lighting in the corners of your room where you actually do your creative work. 


Treat your lighting fixtures as decorative elements as well. Get pieces that match the aesthetic that you’re going for.

Wall Art

We have already mentioned above how inspiring wall art can be. From artfully displaying photos of your family, to hanging your favorite art prints. We just have one more tip to give. Consider their frames as a part of them as well. We personally prefer vintage ones since they have more history and character. 

Cushion Covers

While we can’t always switch furniture (especially our bed) around whenever we want to, that doesn’t mean that there are no simpler ways that you can do to create a significant change in the overall aesthetic of your home. For instance, we love switching around cushion covers almost as much as we do our wall art. Choose pieces with interesting patterns and textures to give your creative spaces that pop of color.


Finally, we always find it inspiring to be out in nature. How about you? The energy, the color, the patterns, the texture. These organic details are indeed breathtaking. So why not take them indoors? 


We personally like to surround ourselves with fresh flowers. There’s something soothing in the practice of making your own arrangements. They make any space smell good. And of course, they make brilliant subjects for visual art. 


But don’t limit yourself to flowers. Fill your room with plants. You might even find the art of gardening inspiring as well. After all, you’ll be witnessing the magic of growth and creation in front of your very eyes guided by your own hands.


That’s it! There are definitely other ways to improve an inspiring ambiance in your bedroom but the tips that we have shared above are a solid way to start. If there’s one thing we’d like you to take away from this article, though, it’s this: follow your heart. Seek your own sources of inspiration and don’t be afraid to display them in your home. Good luck!


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