3 Reasons To Try Snowboarding This Winter

Wherever you may be located, if you are graced with lots of snow this winter, don’t hide out in your home all day. Your fireplace is cozy, but you can still take advantage of the snow with a cool winter sport like snowboarding and create lasting memories outdoors. If you’re new to snowboarding, depending on your learning pace, it could take you a few days or months to find your way around in the snow on a snowboard. Indeed it’s a much-loved thrill-seekers sport and one of the most popular Winter Olympic sports in the US and globally. With that said, why not consider giving it a go. If you still need more convincing, here are four reasons to learn how to snowboard this winter (if you don’t already know).

It’ll improve your mood

Snowboarding is exhilaratingly fun and is sure to get you into a great mood – and here’s the science to back it. When you snowboard, adrenaline and endorphins are two powerful, feel-good chemicals that are released in the body, providing you with a heightened sense of joy. Add to that speed and the cool, crisp, winter breeze, it’s enough to lift anyone’s mood. 

Snowboarding is a great cardio and aerobics workout that will help you burn stubborn calories. Cardiovascular activity and aerobics also help keep our hearts healthy and reduce blood pressure. You’ll also build muscle and increase core strength as this sport requires huge amounts of energy. So if the sight of snow excites you, why not book yourself on a training program or find out which is the closest ski slope to your location.

.Before you take off 

Make sure to buy or rent all the necessary snowboarding equipment because, as with any sport, safety comes first. So, from the get-go, ensure your equipment is reliable and of high quality. Don’t zip down the slopes without protecting yourself with a helmet, goggles, shins, wrists, arm guards. Snowboard manufacturers specifically design snowboards for men and women to cater to physiological differences. This is not to say that one can’t use a board that’s designed for the other. It’s more for safety as women’s boards are designed for slender, lighter frames that compensate for the difference in body-muscle ratio. On the other hand, men’s snowboards are much wider and heavier to accommodate more muscle mass and body weight. There are also different types of snowboards that you can try out depending on the kind of experience you’re looking for and the terrain where you’re going to be snowboarding. For example, you might want to look at splitboards to make it easier when you’re moving uphill in the snow.

Before you get going, have a good stretch to help you to loosen your muscles, and to prepare your body for the impact of the high physical activity. When you are out and ready to snowboard, keep your eye on the slope, so you don’t go off the piste (trail) as you could have an accident or get lost. Also, keep emergency contacts on you, so you can get in touch with others if needed. 

It makes for great bonding time

Snowboarders are also great team players. This is because this sport requires everyone to look out for one another. Spending time with other snowboarders, and conquering those mountain slopes, also makes for great socialization that will help you de-stress and serves as great conversation starters. It’s hard to be tongue-tied and awkward when your body is filled with all those feel-good hormones.

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