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[Girlfriends of Culture] 10 Ways to Improve your Search for a Man



Source : I Dont Do Clubs – ( Genese Jamilah )

I am not a relationship expert. Let me repeat, I AM NOT A RELATIONSHIP EXPERT. I am also not a dating coach, matchmaker, or married. But I do know a few things about dating in the city. And with cuffing season quickly approaching, you will have to make some changes if you don’t want to get snowed in alone, again.

1. Leave the house

I know this seems like common sense but all sense ain’t common. Going straight home after work every day or binge watching Netflix on a Saturday night while texting your bestie about her adorable new baby will not get you a boo.

2. Don’t turn your nose up at online dating or social media hookups

I know plenty of people (yes Black people) who have met their mate on the world wide web. Tinder, Hitch,Coffee Meets Bagel, and Meld (for young Black professionals specifically) are all viable options for meeting someone new from the safety of your smartphone. Think about it this way, how you met is only the first chapter in a love story. It’s the other stuff that really counts. Still not comfortable? Just lie and say you met him at a bar.

3. Day parties are not the solution

Don’t get me wrong I love to drink and two-step before the street lights come on. But have you ever stopped and surveyed the crowd? While you’re trying to obtain the perfect usie with your girls, the men are standing on the other side of the room (just like a middle school dance) waiting for you to approach them. Nah son. Try something different.

4. Stop hanging out with your girls

You love them. Hell I love mine too! But if you keep going out with the same people to the same places your chances of meeting someone new are very low.

5. Roll Solo Dolo

It takes a lot of courage to approach a lovely lady in the middle of a party. It’s 10 times worse, when he has to break through the girlfriend barrier and endure side eyes just to say “hello.” Make it a tad easier and go out alone every once and a while. This is a tough one for me too. My cheat is to arrive early to wherever my friends and I are meeting, bag some numbers and then chill with the girls. 

6. Put your phone down

No seriously, you won’t die, I promise. Leave the iMan in your purse and give a real one some attention.

7. Be nice to everyone

He’s not “future husband potential.” So what! His friend, co-worker, or teammate might be. You never know who someone can introduce you to, be pleasant so they refer you.

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