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[Girlfriends Of Culture ] Why a Man Should Go Find Her in the Church

[Dallas,TX – November 14th]

Two nights ago we were with some friends at dinner and the discussion came up about meeting a woman at the club or different settings that are not at church. The women at the table were curious about the whole process. They questioned, “Does that impact your intention for the woman that you meet or make you think differently about her? “ Then yesterday Kirk Franklin was on the Breakfast Club [WATCH BELOW] speaking about a similar topic.

But a good guy friend of ours reached out to us and submitted these 5 reasons why he suggests his guy friends should meet a woman at church. We want to say that this friend is a newlywed and dated his wife for over 2 years before getting married.

1.  She’s seeing you most likely at yours best  , and it automatically sets you apart from the rest of the guys she meets at the club/bar/happy hour every week. Its a mental thing
2. It sets her apart from everyone else he meets at the club/bar/happy hour every week
3. You’re approaching her hopefully not out of lust, but actually searching for her…meaning afterwards there is not a planned after party or to somebody’s apartment to “kick it”…but maybe to lunch or a day outing…less pressure on your shoulders.
4. It sets the tone for the rest of the relationship, and holds both parties to a higher standard…presumably…and if it goes well, at least sets up the next time you guys will see each other…next Sunday…or bible study if you all are super serious.
5. It gives more insight into who that person is without you knowing them. (Is he/she there regularly or is this just a 1 time thing, shows commitment. Does he/she serve at the church ? And she’s going to see that you can dress, Women love a man in a tie and dress shoes.


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