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Special Doesn’t Mean Big: Planning The Perfect Low Key Wedding

We all think a lot about the significant occasions in our lives, both before and after they happen. Particularly if, like me, you have issues with social anxiety, they can be bittersweet. You want to celebrate, of course, but being the centre of attention for a day or even a few hours can be exhausting.

This doesn’t mean that you want to detract from the occasion, but if you struggle with big social events it means you need to plan differently. Take, for example, a wedding. You see all the time on TV wedding parties where there are hundreds of people in attendance.

That’s great for some people, but it doesn’t work for everyone Sometimes you will want to keep it low key. Which is absolutely fine – I mean, if it’s going to be the happiest day of your life, what matters is that you share it with the people who matter most to you. That doesn’t need to be a great big crowd.


Can You Keep It Low Key And Still Be Traditional?

Although most people’s idea of a wedding may be a huge occasion, I think tradition means something different. The things you want to keep are more the classic aspects. A beautiful dress and the groom in a suit. Close friends and family as bridesmaids and best man.

There doesn’t need to be one of those big YouTube proposals, either. Just a nervous fiance with a Tacori or similar make of ring! The ring is obviously vital – it’s not like any other jewellery you might wear in your life.

What’s The Perfect Low-Key Venue?

Although the tradition for weddings has been to have them in a church, this has more to do with the fact that it was pretty much law to do so for a long time. Nowadays, pretty much anywhere can apply for a licence and hold a wedding. If you’re not religious, there is no need for a church. You can do the ceremony at a registry office and then go on for the reception to a venue that matters to both of you.

Do You Need A Wedding Reception?

For people who don’t relish having all eyes on them, the reception can be the hardest part of a wedding. It’s wonderful to have so many well-wishers who want to toast your happy day. It can also be stressful and make what should be your happiest day into a mess of panic.

There’s no law that says you need to hire out a big venue for a reception. Depending on how many people are in attendance you can book out a restaurant for a sit-down meal and then go on to a pub or club. Or you can book a hotel bar and then decide on the entertainment that suits you.

Does Keeping It Low Key Spoil The Occasion?

The idea that any wedding other than a big society do needs to be a huge thing is a relatively new idea. What’s more important than anything is that it reflects you as a couple. You could very easily argue that if you’re not a social butterfly, the bigger parties are actually more artificial. Do you, and have the wedding that makes you happy – and then the marriage that makes you even happier.

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