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How Your Decor Can Affect Your Mood

By: Cathy White 

Decor does many important things. It can help liven up any space, bring light and air to a room and help create a specific desired function such as turning the room into an office waiting area. Many people aren’t aware of just how much their own decor can also affect their mood. It’s important to understand how decor can affect your feelings. This way, you can help decorate any space more effectively.

Color Has Many Effects

Color has a strong effect on the human body. People perceive the world through color. A brightly colored series of paintings on the wall can make any room feel full of swirling life.

Dark Colors

Dark colored walls and floors can make you feel like the roof is a retreat and you want to sit there and escape from the world. When you see a specific splash of color like red, you may suddenly feel excited as the red triggers feelings of very strong emotions.

Furnishings Can Create a Certain Feeling

Another aspect of how decor can affect your mood is with the use of furnishings. When you walk into a room that has lots of places to sit, you feel invited inside. When you see that the room has a rocking chair, this can lift your mood because you feel like you have a place to relax.

Inviting Conversation

A love seat in one corner of the room can invite you to sit down with a friend and feel happy as you chat with them. If the seat is grouped with a coffee table with lots of things to eat, you might start to feel like it’s time for a good meal.

Summer Relaxation

Many people choose to change decor depending on the seasons. For example, they may put in new window treatments and covers on the couch during the summer season. Such window treatments can signal that you think about your summer days by the pool or a lake.

Fun Accessories

Seeing the breezy fabrics helps you feel uplifted and happy when you walk inside. Many people also choose to put up summer accessories like pillow covers. Such accessories can help trigger feelings of delight as you instantly think about your upcoming summer vacation.

Winter Coziness

Winter colors and a winter theme can also make you feel things. When you head into a room that has window seat and lots of bookcases, you think about how good you feel enjoying a pleasant novel on a cold winter day.

A Floor Rug

When you see thick plush rugs, you may instantly be transported back to childhood memories of sitting on a rug listening to your mother read you a story. A thick throw on a couch can bring forth the wonderful feeling of eating home baked cookies after a day of sledding with your brothers and sisters.

A Feeling of Sadness

Someone’s choice of decor can also make people feel sad. They may see a group of family pictures on the wall and remember how much they loved their great aunt before she died. This can make you feel sad and feel happy at the same time.

Understanding Someone’s Personality

Decor choices can also help understand and express your personality. For example, if you like Batman, you might put Batman posters on the walls and use Batman accessories in the rest of the room. Such decor choices allow you to express your personality and understand what others are feeling at the same time.

Feeling Loved

Decorating choices can also make someone feel loved. A mother may give her child a lovely bed that her grandmother owned. When a child lies down in that bed, she feels a sense of joy knowing that she is loved by her mom and that she is part of a wonderful family tradition.

Feeling at Home

Perhaps one of the best feelings that decor can evoke is that of feeling happy at home. A well decorated home that is created to your specifications can make you feel happy the second you walk inside.

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