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[WATCH] You Don’t Have to Be Rapper, Ball Player, You Can Be The Plug Behind Adidas – Jon Wexler

Meet Jon Wexler, the guy who creates and oversees the products of Adidas. Sounds like a simple job? Not really every partnership, deal with celebrity, athlete and overall brand involvement of Adidas this guy is apart of. Adidas Global Director of Entertainment and Influencer Marketing, Jon Wexler, stops by to talk about the brand’s resurgence, Kanye West‘s jump to the company and explains why it’s so hard to get a pair of Yeezys.

As a kid sometimes you are only exposed to what your parents are exposed to. But what if you knew before you went to college that the person that creates the deals for celebrities and athletes makes the same amount as they do and has as much power ? My point exactly lets make sure we are exposing the generation that is coming up about how they can go into careers that are as promising and have just as “famous” tag as someone who post pictures to Instagram for a living or puts a ball through a hoop.

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