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Gems From Above: Are You Ready to JUMP

If some one or something piques your curiosity to the point of no return, pay attention to it. If the essence of it captivates you in such a magnificent way, move on it. JUMP.

Some one reading this may have met their significant other or an ally who will be a great collaborator. In order for either of those alignments to work there must be love. Fear hinders love and reduces it to just an emotion, but love is much more than that. Love is a noun, but once acted upon it becomes a verb. As a noun love is just a feeling. As a verb love is a behavior. We must act upon our feelings in order that we don’t confine love to only being a noun. JUMP.


Someone reading this has a goldmine within their grasp. However they keep waiting for the right time, perhaps the time is now. It’s always better to be early than late. Besides, time won’t wait on any of us. We all at some point have a life changing opportunity before us that requires us to take action. However, fear and insecurity holds us back. If the Lord has something for you, he’s already equipped you with what you need to secure it. Proverbs 18:16 states, “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” Our gifts are our equipment. We must utilize it. JUMP.

Life is like the scene in a movie where the bad guy is chasing you and you suddenly come to a precipice. You must make the decision to jump and get away from the enemy or let the fear of the jump consume you. In life the Devil is always on our heels. The Lord requires us to jump so that we may build faith. When faith is built the Devil will flee. Most of us have something tugging on our heart that we continually let the logic of our mind resist. We have certain talents that we hide to avoid scrutiny. That talent is loaned, it’s up to us to pay it off.
In Matthew 25:14-30 you will find, “The Parable of The Talents.” In this parable a master leaves three servants talents and goods to invest until he returned to collect his profit. The servant who he gave the least took his talents and goods and hid them. He played it safe instead of risking the little he had. The other two successfully invested theirs. Upon the masters return he reprimanded the servant who played it safe by taking his talents and giving them to the other servants and casting him away to darkness.

Many of us view the jump as an option. However, it’s an requirement. The result of not jumping is despair and devastation. It’s time to take grasp of our goldmines; it’s time to make that colossal collaboration. We must act. We must…JUMP.


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